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Published:January 23rd, 2009 11:31 EST
No Politician Lives up to What They Promise

No Politician Lives up to What They Promise

By SOP newswire2

Only Fox News Covers Bush`s Homecoming Speech

This is in response to what I happened to read that Robert Paul Reyes wrote about Bush and that FOX News did the rights a disservice by showing Bush`s Homecoming speech.

Well, Mr. Reyes, you are wrong--I for one was very glad to see it!  We are NOT ALL "tired of his face and his lies".  You`ve been fed a bunch of liberal crap and you will find no politician lives up to what they promise.  It`s not possible.  Bush tried hard and did what he felt was best for our country AND he is a man of integrity.  I hope some day you do learn that. 

And you can be very grateful we`ve not had another terrorist attack in the US under his watch, and that`s sure not because the terrorists have had a change of heart.  They won`t stop at trying to destroy America.  I hope you are prepared for eternity because you may get there much sooner than you expect to.


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