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Published:February 9th, 2009 12:24 EST
SOP Reader Responds:  Wake up, America!

SOP Reader Responds: Wake up, America!

By SOP newswire

Ron Gainer in Viet Nam


What in the world?  Yes, in the world we live in, there is more important stuff to take care of, and Jennifer Hudson`s lip-synching to the National Anthem isn`t one of them.


Here is something for people to get upset about: Just look at all the lip-synching that has been going on in Washington all of these years!  It`s like Hell on Earth.  Why hasn`t anyone taken a step up from a lip-synched performance?


Our government has put our country in a tail spin because of all the lip-synched government voices who, from one State of the Union Address to the next, move their lips, but say nothing.  And we`re letting them get away with it.


Grow up, America!  Instead of trying to cut down Jennifer Hudson for what was already a known fact, try piecing together the damage done to our country by a government that was elected to protect our rights and defend our nation.  Instead, they turn around and lip-synch to all of us while they`re two-faced about it.  They put themselves into the hands of lobbyists who only care about themselves.  They don`t care what we think.


What about it, America?  What`s the most important issue here?  We have a problem bigger than Jennifer Hudson.  It doesn`t take smart people to know what is right or wrong.  Step back.  Look at the issues taking our country down in front of our own eyes.


As for Jennifer Hudson, good job with the National Anthem.  I already knew that she could sing, and that`s what`s important to me.


Ron Gainer

Viet Nam Veteran