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Published:February 18th, 2009 18:35 EST
Muslim TV Owner Killed His Wife: Are All Muslims Like That? NO

Muslim TV Owner Killed His Wife: Are All Muslims Like That? NO

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

I read Robert Paul Reyes article, Muslim Owner Of TV Station Beheads Wife that a supposedly Muslim TV owner killed his wife for she wanted to divorce him. Reyes says that all Muslims are like that and does not recommend American women marrying Muslims and that Islam is a violent religion.


First of all, I would say Reyes is just uninformed about the Islam religion as that TV owner is.


The crime that the TV owner has done has nothing to do with Islam or any other of God`s religions. There are many criminal men who are supposedly Christian or Jewish who have committed a similar crime and killed their wives, and many criminal women too, from all possible religions, who have killed their husbands for disagreements or betrayals. A study of daily newspapers from different countries would reveal this truth.


There is no statement in the Koran that a man should kill his wife for any reason at all.  So, the crime that the TV owner did has nothing to do with the Islam religion. It is his own insanity, own ignorance of the Islam religion, or own criminality.


In The Holy Koran, it is clearly stated that "God created the human being from two EQUAL parts - the man and the woman."


The Koran states in many of its chapters that killing is only permitted in self defense, as the last resort, but if the other side gives up his attack, one should forgive him.


The Koran also states that men should respect and love women. Also in Mohammed`s Hadith (Own statements) it is stated that the most valuable of the men are those who respect their women.


Muslims don`t consider women as second class citizens, only those who have misunderstood Islam who would consider women as second class citizens. And only those who are uninformed about Islam think that Muslims consider women as second class citizens.


One should not call himself a Muslim, unless one has read The Holy Koran, has understood it and practices it to a considerably good degree. And one should not criticize Islam unless one has read and understood the Koran. Otherwise both fall in a pitiable position.


Islam is not a violent religion; on the contrary, it is built on love, peace, justice, forgiveness, sharing with others what God has given one, on self control, modesty, on respect for life, for the self, for the others; for the other religions and prophets of God, And states the best "jihad" is done by education. Read the Koran and then talk about Islam!


Reyes also recommends that American women not marrying Muslims... Well, well, well! There are many Muslim women in America. Why shouldn`t they marry Muslims?


A Muslim is allowed to marry a partner from any religion, as all the religions of God  Preach love, respect, peace, justice, faithfulness. A Muslim respects all the religions of God.


In the Barnaba`s Bible, a copy of which is kept in The Louvre, another copy in Vatican, another copy was just found in Cyprus, while being smuggled, Jesus has stated that the Next savior will be Mohammed.


I wonder why Reyes is having difficulty accepting Islam as God`s religion. Maybe it is a matter of being uninformed about Islam or a matter of being uninformed about Christianity? But, one thing is for sure: that TV owner didn`t kill his wife because he was a Muslim; he killed his wife for he was an insane criminal.


Americans cherish and love and respect Rumi and Yunus Emre. Shouldn`t they? These were Muslims.


Best regards


Askin Ozcan