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Published:March 9th, 2009 16:41 EST

Think I'll get more death threats than Obama and Salman Rushdie?

By SOP newswire2

Dear Editor,

You have been my only voice over the past few years as all the intelligent people in the world had stopped listening to reason.  I appreciate you listening; however, I don`t feel as good about the small audience as I feel my foresight is much better than most folk`s hindsight 20/20; as I have developed some really amazing intelligence tools to analyze and make sound policy decisions that have greatly affected our world. 

When I met you a few years ago at the National Speakers Association it was by chance.  I didn`t have an agenda or a planned speech.  However, I did have a story that you managed to get me to share. This story was basically all the major political issues that I had been involved in a major exclusive I might add.  As I viewed the replay I noticed a huge change in the person that I was and the person I had become mainly because the Devil " always got into the details and the hurt and pain I felt from how my works had went so far astray in the way the world was united and experiencing peace, prosperity and on the right direction up until the Presidency of George W. Bush`s policies and the Terror attack on 9/11.  Obviously, President Bush blames his office being defined by 9/11 and I say that his more destructive Joe 6 Pack ignorance and style of leadership that like a magnet attracted such destructive ideologies

As you know from my interview it was my analysis that helping organize and maintain the 1st Gulf War that concluded successful by saving millions of lives and constructively affecting the economic fate of nations.  You might have also recognized that I deal with the PTSD and daily stress of trying to not only deal with the actions that I had suggested, but the perplexity and the stupidity that I see within Joe 6 Pack America being sold a false bill of goods by being provoked and/or manipulated to return to Iraq for profit of those that have benefited from Terror.  An easy thing to do as the cream of the crop in the Intelligence community is suppressed in favor of the good ole boy network and/or the image packaged for appropriations.  Such as the new ODNI in charge of the 16 different intelligence agencies will most likely be more favorable for what would be good for Lockheed Martin`s aircraft appropriations than what will be good for America.

I have a couple backgrounds.  The well educated Business/Diplomacy and International Commerce of today verses my history which started in my younger years as a Military Police Officer, Security and Investigations that grew into Intelligence.  My understanding of Terror and law enforcement operations actually starting with my indoctrination of Terrorist arrest and work in German in the mid 1980`s.  (See attached Forum on Terrorism).

So, my dwelling and stressing on 9/11 and how it was used to stage an unjustified war on Iraq, the vast resources wasted and the forced economic turndown that I knew was on the way compelled me to conduct my own Global Investigation into Terror and who might be benefiting from it.  I of course wrote a few speculative papers to the Intelligence Community and initiated some potential solutions that would prevent conflict; however, such suggestions of a Palestinian State, wasn`t enough to keep profiteers out of going to war.

So, I traveled to Eastern Europe to asses the way Russians and other former Soviet block countries viewed America as appropriate since we did have a Cold War " for 40 years which I view as paranoid policies of the past that was a race with Russia to see who could go broke first and they just barely beat us ".  Actually, the Eastern Europeans i.e. Russians liked us, but like ourselves they had been told to not like us. They had their problems and we had ours in the day to day struggle to live.  Up until more recently with the incident in Georgia they respected us, but became paranoid with the NATO expansions which are justified and that is why I have suggested a neutral Ukraine apposing Lockheed Martians Russian Pacific Architects Engineers (PAE) that is in charge of most of the security of all our new Embassies.  Funny how Lockheed can give the keys to the KGB, for our Embassy security when they can stick the profit in their corporate executives` pockets while their paid contract writers Congress can bash Wall Street for being greedy.  A discussion that I had with the Moscow FBI Agent... 

So, my investigation led me to Orlando, Florida where I collected the following conceptualizations.

      To keep this letter short and to the point as possible I will refer to the following three profiteers in the War on Terror and the bad intelligence that plunged us into war, but benefited them:

    1. American Investment Group (AIG) A participant by default ".
    2. Defense Industry mega-defense contractors " i.e. (Locheed Martin, Haliburton and Carlyle Group).
    3. Suadi Arabian prince Alwaleed bin Talal "the nephew of Saudi King Abdullah.

American Investment Group (AIG) American Investment Group (AIG) A participant by default: 

If one were to look at the new movie The International " one might immediately think of AIG; however, I`m more inclined to look at an individual later with more money than most banks.  But I will still address my research into AIG as one of those that profited from the War on Terror " as well as those that managed to steal hedge funds from not only international investors, but ultimately from American Tax Payers.  John Perkins states that many nations in the past have been drooped out of their money via Defense contractors and shadow banks as discussions in the book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man ".  It was his job to package and sell a false bill of goods that robbed treasuries as ours has been by AIG "

My qualifications to analyze AIG comes form the holding a (Bachelors of Business Administration specializing in Real Estate and Finance and Masters Work in Diplomacy and International Commerce).  I got the impression that AIG was doing a good job with hedge funds and the organization of derivatives; however, my finance degree gives me every indication that it was bound to fail (especially if there were a long term conflict in the Middle East as I knew there would be) " 

Now, I feel like dropping fixed rates could work where derivatives might be packaged, sold in the future to stabilize a 25% drop in value of mortgage assets.  A very detailed plan/spreadsheets that I wrote and presented this to both the House and Senate Banking/Finance Committee`s for review and it appears that President Obama is using some of the concepts.

AIG was packaging and selling such Collateralized Mortgage Obligations  (CMO`s) for the public during a War Time with consumer spending down.  They were in my opinion asking to use the AAA rating of AIG to fund was much more of a Ponzi Scheme as they would most likely have known that the real estate market could not sustain such vast inflated growth "  Many realtors in Florida and other communities that had little education were wondering how they were seeing 15 to 25% growth per year after year "  The bubble had to burst as most of the loans were sub-prime that pushed inflation out of control artificially to cover for the war time economy that should not have been going on in the first place.  Yet, I have learned people will turn their head as long as they are making money and despite all the warnings that no one says they had even Alan Greenspan infers he didn`t see it coming, but at most all hearings he stated otherwise and gave many warnings to the contrary.

I saw it clearly as did most people in the real estate industry also noticed it "  Not to say that it wasn`t a good time to buy real estate in key areas.  Yet, to know that there was going to be a huge correction in the market and continue to fund vast derivatives, and hide behind the AIG`s associations and vast Defense Departments lobbying power to bail them out costing investors globally and adding to America`s already diminished political perception was disrespectful to all Americans.

There were many inferences that the AIG was a Shaddow Bank that was established out of clandestine operations and had operated in the shadows throughout its history "  This is strongly inferred by Michael Ruppert a former LAPD officer who years ago pointed out that a revolving door between investment banking firms (Wall Street) and the CIA exists. <

I`m not against the CIA and/or the Defense Department establishing and holding proprietary companies, because they should, and I`m a strong supporter of such Intelligence Operations.  However, I do not feel that such covert and shadow operations should undermine America`s national security and international image.  With an already tarnished CIA Intelligence leading up to the more recent Gulf War this inferred covert ties with AIG only adds insult to injury.  Yet, with all this said, AIG was not to blame as they were anticipating a short war in their analysis of sub-prime mortgages.  Even though, the Government came to their AID in either case for good, bad or just not caring by towing the line.

Defense Industry mega-defense contractors " i.e. (Lockheed Martin, Halliburton and Carlyle Group).

President of the United States (and former General of the Army) Dwight D. Eisenhower used the term in his Farewell Address to the Nation on January 17, 1961: Verbatim text cited from


A vital element in keeping the peace is our military establishment. Our arms must be mighty, ready for instant action, so that no potential aggressor may be tempted to risk his own destruction...

This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence " economic, political, even spiritual " is felt in every city, every statehouse, and every office of the federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society. In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals so that security and liberty may prosper together.

I state to you that our security and liberty has been jeopardized by unwarranted influence, both sought and unsought by the military-industrial complex.  The disastrous rise of misplaced power has went beyond it`s limits and the weight of that combination has endangered our liberties and diminished our democratic process.

You might also notice that in the film by Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore <> where he also inferred that many of the same groups affiliated with the Defense Industry such as the Carlyle Group and even Terrorist Organizations were closely affiliated with the Bush Administration and the Vice President whom was the former head of Halliburton.  All clearly violated ethic conceptualizations as addressed by President Eisenhower.

My story as I indicated in the interview a few years ago notes me as making the suggestion to fly over and blow up the Kuwaiti Oil Fields taking out 150,000 Iraqi Republican Guards to prevent a long term conflict that would cost millions of lives and affect the economic fate of nations.  A decision I made after praying to God if I would loose my soul as to the end justifying the means.  This strategy ultimately led to Halliburton waiting on ships 4 months before the start of the 1st Gulf War in preparation to put out the fires which they made Billions in no bid contracts. 

Even though I feel that the Vice President Cheney may have had Halliburton favored in his Terror/New Gulf War agenda, it was minor in comparison to the near Trillion hard cost and the multi-Trillion quazi-military soft cost that doubled the national debt by about 6 Trillion.  Vast sums were awarded to defense contractors like Lockheed Martin, but the over all destruction it had on our economy and degradation of how the United States of America was viewed as the standard barer for Democracy throughout the world.  A country that promoted peace, prosperity and reason.

Mr. Moore goes on to infer that it was the Government itself that helped organize the attacks through those shadow company ties with terrorist "  A thought that one might get if the evidence was laid out side by side for comparison as this example; however, I do directly indicate that the Government was involved, but they were easily manipulated and sold a false bill of goods as everyone jumped on the Terror money train:

However, there is more direct ties/evidence to Lockheed Martin and the top profiteer of the Gulf War, than there was on Iraq`s involvement in 9/11. 

1.  The terrorist were trained in America, i.e. Florida not Iraq.

2.  The group that trained them was Emery Riddle which had an office in the Orlando HQ of Lockheed Martin not in Iraq.

3.  American Shadow/Covert companies had always backed these terror groups since inception.   

As the movie Fahrenheit 9/11 indicated there were a lot of terror organizations that were co-conspirators with Defense Contracting Companies which profited from these close associations with military contractors, faulty intelligence, and ultimately the war that now caused the economic down turn which allowed AIG to create vast theft world wide while blaming the American who is trying to live the dream as apposed to the Defense Department and blundered Intelligence and our Joe 6 Pack President Bush... 

I will also cite Mr. Moore`s notation of the many Saudi Royal family members that were allowed to leave the country after 9/11 to lead me into addressing the Saudi Prince Alawaleed bin Talal.

Saudi Arabian prince Alwaleed bin Talal "the nephew of Saudi King Abdullah:

As indicated in my interview years ago I stated that I had been a major factor in the 1st Gulf war.  Well, I felt that I would write the Saudi King and the United States Government and bill them for my service as Halliburton and others did; however, I`m yet to get a single penny for anything that I did... 

Yet, by coincidence a few years later I did attend college with a gentleman from Saudi Arabia.  He claimed to be part of the Saudi Intelligence.  He and I shared a few stories and he told me of some of the interworking of the political dynamics of the Saudi Royal Family business.  Mainly that he had flown with Prince Alwaleed bin Talal the Kings nephew.  He also stated that he was a Donald Trump figure in the Middle East and that the Prince`s father had been exiled out of Saudi Arabia to Egypt due to political differences with the king.  The Intelligence agent also stated that most of the country would favor the Prince ascending to the thorn. 

I didn`t give it much thought until after 9/11 as the majority of the terrorist were from Saudi Arabia and I opened a file folder up on Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

I`ll start the background investigation on Prince Alwaleed bin Talal by citing the verbatim text from the Washington Institute:

Why Following the Money Leads to Terrorists

Terror attacks are in themselves inexpensive and not infrequently funded by local cells through criminal activity -- the Madrid bombings, for instance. But considerable funds are needed to maintain terror networks -- for recruitment, training, traveling, planning operations, and bribing corrupt officials and so on. To eliminate or reduce a cell`s means of raising and transferring funds is to degrade significantly its capabilities. As difficult as it may be to deter a suicide bomber, terrorist designations can deter non-designated parties. Major donors inclined to finance extremist causes may think twice before putting their personal fortunes at risk (Washington Institute, 14 Feb 08)

So, using the above as a reference lets look at several things:

1.  Madrid bombings.

a.   What if the Madrid Train bombings were designed to deter tourist away from Spain and into Euro Disney in France?

b.  What if the quick downturn in prices immediately after the Madrid bombing gave opportunities for stock and/or real estate purchases with those who held vast cash/buying power?

c.   How much did the Price make in his Euro Disney holdings as a result from Terror?

2.  Funds for maintaining terror networks, recruitment, training, traveling, planning operations,

a.   The organization of a new financial center in the Middle East with the Prince being taking the lead might be a key indication of more funds and by taking out the World Trade Center few would have any place else to go would they?

b.  Is the huge twin towers developed in the Middle East by the Prince that have two huge Air Plane type propellers to turn turbine generators a coincidence; or the inspiration to have air planes fly into the World Trade Center?

c.   Then there is the possible connection to the Carlyle group and the association with the Bin Laden family as indicated my Michael Moore.  Carlyle has vast land development holdings in the City of Celebration developed my Disney in Florida.  The Prince is now developing the largest community and has acquired much of the holdings at a huge discount after 9/11  Granted those holdings have decreased, but when you have money and time; then time is on your side as holdings increase in value.

3.  Bribing corrupt officials,

a.   Verbatim cite from <>  Citigroup, as it turns out was largely responsible for its own demise and its major share holder is Saudi Arabian prince Alwaleed bin Talal "the nephew of Saudi King Abdullah. Alwaleed also has major stakes in Fox News, Time Warner (parent company of Time and CNN) as well as The Walt Disney Company. "

b.  Noting the above cite he also owns part of FOX and CNN.  Could this influence have a propagandalized affect on the uneducated Joe 6 Pack viewer to influence and direct terror targets away from the real targets?  Don`t neoconservatives believe the hype on Terror that Fox dishes out daily, and who has been directing this?  The shareholders/Prince Alwaleed right?

c.   I`m not a counterterrorism blogger, but these guys are and from my brief glace at their site much is follow the money and I agree with that "  So, the Prince certainly has the money as from being in the top 15 wealthiest people in the world.

I`ve noticed in my so called investigation that the Prince and the Defense Industry contractors mentioned above had (Motive Means Opportunity) MMO to really get out of hand and not just put the Devil in the details, but make him the chairman of the board in many cases.

As I mentioned in the past I helped organize the 1st Gulf War and tried to provide intelligence that would prevent the war (I have letters from President Bush, Senator McConnell, and correspondences to others such as Condoleezza Rice to try and prevent the war as it would cost Trillions of Dollars and force a collapse in our economy as it did in the former Soviet Union.  Yet, they seen this as a game plan to take advantage of the tax payers by invoking the terrorist are coming out of the woodwork and capitalize on the collapse and devaluation of assets as apposed to being constructive and preventing it.

This is my short story and assessment of the current situation. I have tried to have some constructive influence, but it is tough to have any as I have little resources and I`m bucking heads with The International type of corrupt banking institutions and possibly some of the wealthiest people/families in the world.  They have conspired and/or allowed our nation to take a huge down fall that will cost millions of lives due to economics in our own country and abroad without remorse.  All in the name of profit as apposed to patriotism and the protection of our National Security. 

How can we ever restore America`s trust and confidence in the world without identifying the needs for justice and sound oversight?  I`m calling for a renewal of trust and leadership that the world once looked to the United States of America for.  Can our new President back the Defense Industry and the Profiteers away from him or is the White House under siege by manipulated Joe 6 Pack media with destructive neoconservative messages that have nearly destroyed our nation and the world economy?  I call for the re-established trust and confidence in the world`s financial markets, a freeze of corrupt special interest contracts and the seizure of Lockheed Martin, The Carlyle Group and Emery Riddle by the Defense Department and to open a joint Interpol Criminal Investigation into Prince Alwaleed and his possible ties with Terror; and if found guilty the seizure of the Financial Center and other assets both in the Middle East and the rest of the world as reparations.

Thank you,

Harvey Carroll, Jr.