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Published:March 13th, 2009 20:07 EST
Letter To Cardinal Mahony: Your Eminence

Letter To Cardinal Mahony: Your Eminence

By SOP newswire2

We acknowledge the merit of many Jews who are moral and upright in their aspirations, but we also acknowledge that this orthodoxy is due to their Christian leanings and not to their synagogue and that we therefore should aspire for their conversion and try to pull them through with prayer that they too may possess the friendship of the Messiah for which all men were created.

You recently collaborated with members of the Jewish community in drafting up a letter of condemnation against Bishop Williamson of the SSPX for his indiscreet statements about the Holocaust. Have you considered the scripture verse: "Why do you see the splinter that is in your brother`s eye; and see not the beam that is in your own eye?" (Matthew 7:3) According to St. Paul, "Thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever you are that judges. For by judging another, you condemn yourself. For you do the same things that you judge." (Romans 2:1)
Certainly the Holy Father hasn`t shown this kind of malice toward Bishop Williamson, quite obviously, since His Excellency has not been barred from saying Mass in his diocese as he has in yours. Before you could bar Bishop Williamson for his slight ignorance, you would first have to bar those priests of the L.A. Archdiocese who are ignorant of their Catholic Faith, who are heretics, who are infidels, who are betrayers, who are homosexuals, who are polluting the Church, and who foul around with little boys.
I repeat: how can you pull the splinter out of Bishop Williamson`s eye when you have all this pedophilia in your own eye? Have you forgotten so soon that you had to fork out $660 million in penalty for crimes against the young?
We all remember your close affiliation with Lew Wasserman, the co-producer of the blasphemous Last Temptation of Christ movie who served on your board of directors to help you raise $100 million for your new `cathedral.` In July 1988 you even hailed Wasserman in the L.A. Times as "a man of the highest integrity." Have you ever made an apology to the Church for your affiliation with this Zionist who was obsessed with defaming the Son of God? Bishop Williamson apologized twice for his unintentional indiscretion, have you apologized for your betrayal of the Catholic Church?
Why do you associate with infidels? Have you overlooked the perfidious nature of the synagogue which dogmatically denies the Christ? Your alliance with the Jews is destroying the work of charity in the Church, unless of course you think that Judas was a man of charity because of his alliance with the Jews. Certainly he wasn`t thinking of their conversion, no more than His Eminence is.
The Jews today are held captive by their own synagogue and nothing is being done to convert them and bring them out of their captivity. Instead, you make pacts with the Jews just to gain their friendship and their 30 pieces of silver, but is this not selfish? Have you forgotten that "the friendship of this world is the enemy of God" and that "whosoever therefore will be a friend of this world, becomes an enemy of God?" (James 4:4)
Your commission as Cardinal is to convert the Jews and bring them the true Manna from Heaven and not be like the Nazis who refused to give them the bread from their own table. The Church traditionally had always extended them this royal invitation to come partake in the Lord`s Supper, but now they`re being told to stay in their own prison camp and starve. (John 8:34) In that sense, you are more anti-Semitic than Bishop Williamson could ever be, because you`d rather watch the Jews suffer an eternal holocaust before witnessing for your Catholic Faith.
So before passing judgment on the innocent, look to yourself and do penance - `tis the season. "Melt down thy gold and silver, and make a balance for thy words." (Ecc. 28:29) And especially, disassociate yourself from the company of infidels since this is impairing your judgment and causing you to "justify the wicked for gifts." (Isaias 5:23) You need to think of what is best for others and not look for their rewards, because this is what perverts the heart of man and keeps him from the Kingdom of Heaven. How many times have we been told this in the Gospel, yet we never seem to get the message. "Man when he was in honour did not understand; he is compared to senseless beasts, and is become like to them." (Psalm 48:13)

David Martin
Our Lady`s Workers of Southern California

P.S. Bishop Williamson never made his comments over Swedish television on January 21 but during a pre-recorded interview in Germany on November 1 in which he never intended
to discuss the Holocaust. The liberal media deliberately elicited his response as it was already their plan to air it on the day of his exoneration (Jan. 21) with the intention of punishing the Pope and the SSPX for their efforts to promote the Latin Tridentine Mass.