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Published:December 10th, 2009 11:04 EST
Mexico a Great Distraction From The Middle East But It Will Not Work

Mexico a Great Distraction From The Middle East But It Will Not Work

By SOP newswire2

Another thing about the Prince being involved in CNN when American/Western Movie Companies can`t even be shown on Saudi TV is this...  Guys like Lou Dobbs that constantly excite border issues with Mexico has not provoked states into sending military troops to the border...  Sure, I think that this would be a huge distraction and create more economic problems for the U.S.; however, it don`t take a rocket scientist to see that provoking conflict between the United States and Mexico would certainly take focus off of Middle Eastern and national security concerns in that region.


A few years ago I discussed with the D.E.A. the fact that the Saudi Royal Family had given millions to Mexico to combat drug problems; however, the D.E.A. felt that it could be more of an intelligence purchase to try and open the Mexican marijuana trade to more severe drugs like heroin...  We have seen such problems, but it is unconfirmed as to what if any effect the Saudi influence has had on the incitement of the drug problems.  But, we do know that the investment into CNN`s Lou Dobbs show is creating a problem between United States and Mexico.


According to statements from the new Homeland Security Secretary at recent congressional hearings presented the possibility that American companies based out of Austin, TX might have been supplying Mexican cartels with weapons to include hand grenades...  Those same Austin based companies have Saudi affiliations as mentioned in the letter...  Again, destructive leadership opposed to constructive leadership...


I suggest that we get the economy back in order where some Mexicans have an opportunity to work...  I also suggest that border security be combined with Agriculture development to not only provide jobs, but be able to feed people...


Border security can be combined not only with Agri-business, but solar and wind "smart grid" developments that would provide new and renewable energy.  This could all be joint ventured by Mexican and American Corp of Engineers and agri-business developers as opposed to death and destruction...


Harvey Carroll, Jr.