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Published:March 17th, 2009 11:45 EST
How would AIG benefit from the Government TARP "bailout" funds?

How would AIG benefit from the Government TARP "bailout" funds?

By SOP newswire2

How would AIG benefit from the Government TARP "bailout" funds if they co-conspired to force an economic downturn? 


They would benefit three fold:


1)  They keep their business and vast Government lobbying power.

2)  They don`t have to take responsibility for the bad deals on their books due to the mis-analysis of the long term conflicts that forced the economy into the down turn.

3)  They get vast money to buy discounted assets at a 30% to 50% reduction in value...  Assets that will come back up as the economy grows again.


So, the real question you should be asking is (Was the AIG collapse part of a well planned agenda to capitalize on and even perhaps a media invented economic down turn?)  Granted there were going to be economic/consumer spending decrease as there would be during war time when we are directly involved; however, buying into and/or creating an economic turndown by President Bush really pushed the economy down. 


If you do some research you will see that Neil Bush was involved in S&L scandals in the 80`s and assets were sold off at huge discounts in the past and picked up by many of the same fat cat defense industry and/or international predators that are making money this time as well. The same with the Resolution Trust Corporation in the 90`s.


Looking at this as a planned economic down turn for profit one could really compare A.I.G. and others into a "The International" type of bank that has over stepped its bounds.  Conducting operations as a shadow bank making profit off of conflict and hedging its losses with American Tax payer`s money.  Then to make even more profit it conspires with the White House "President Bush" to go public and then the mass media buys into it as identified in previous discussions with the Prince buying into the major mass media CNN/Fox. Then those with the cash and/or access to Government cash feast on the middle class trying to live the American dream and take every thing they have at discounted prices.


It is a shame to think at this level; however, I can see being in such meetings and those that wished to access such vast cash resources looking to the down turn hype for their profits.


In conclusion, it is time to call an end to the recession and stop these thieves from taking people homes, and lively hood. Nothing has changed in the world in the past couple years, but our attitudes...  Attitudes that have been shaped by greed and a cheep sales pitch that allows companies with the cash to buy the American dream at discounted prices.


Harvey Carroll, Jr.