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Published:April 15th, 2009 17:04 EST
The Powerplayers On The Beltway Are Playing Games

The Powerplayers On The Beltway Are Playing Games

By SOP newswire2

The powerplayers in the Beltway are playing a game of "Let`s you and him fight." How long will it be until the grassroots of both parties figure out that they`re being played for chumps by their own government?

Remember the outrage from the left when the same DHS was profiling and collecting information on left-wing groups and anti-war protestors? The right-wingers sneared right on cue from the Beltway powerplayers. Now, the left-wingers wear a smug snear on their own faces....on cue from the exact same players in the Beltway.

Do you think the DHS has suddenly cleared and deleted their files on left-wingers and focused solely on Veterans, conservatives and libertarians??

We`re all being played for the chumps that we are.

73 facts, references and resources, most of which are from the same government sources as the DHS hit job on Veterans, conservatives and libertarians. Free for the taking.

Tinfoil hat and political ideology not required.

Can you hear me, now?