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Published:May 18th, 2009 15:59 EST
Altimeter Recorded Faulty Before Flight

Altimeter Recorded Faulty Before Flight

By SOP newswire2

THY confirmed that there were 2 altimeters in the plane, one automatically connected to the steering system of the plane.

Since that altimeter went wrong and recorded minus altitude, though the plane was several hundred feet above the ground, it automatically cut off the gas and the pilots were unable to lift off the plane and save it from crashing. This altimeter was recorded faulty before the flight. No mention of this very critical fact in your article A Turkish Flight Bound for Amsterdam Crashes, Killing 9 "

Also the control tower might have been guilty, as it didn`t warn the pilots that right in front of it a Boeing 747 was landing and didn`t observe the rules that there must be certain distance between two planes approaching to land.

I`ll draw your attention to another series of crashes which were the main cause for McDonnel Douglas to go bankrupt and be bought by Boeing:

 In Windsor, Canada a DC-10 emergency landed, due to failure in the door of the baggage section. Aviation authorities warned McDonnel Douglas and required that it repairs these failures in the DC-10s. The manufacturer did not repair the failure, but provided some peeping holes on the door outside the baggage section and placed in English a warning sign that the employee shutting the door should look thru these holes and see if the door has been properly shut. The employee in Paris airport spoke three languages, but not English. Apparently he didn`t look thru these inspection holes to ensure the door was locked.  The plane crashed in 1974, a few minutes after liftoff, causing the biggest tragedy in the flight history.

A third incident by the DC-10 occurred, again a crash, in the U.S.A. and thereafter McDonnel Douglas started to lose business as nobody wanted to buy DC planes, and Boeing bought the McDonnel Douglas. A documentary film was made regarding these DC-10 crashes outlining the manufacturer had intentionally not repaired the failure in the doors of the baggage section.