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Published:July 2nd, 2009 13:49 EST
Response to The Single Root of All Religions

Response to The Single Root of All Religions

By SOP newswire2

I just read a recent article ( Chapel Perilous by Sean Stubblefield ), whose main theme was the Holy Grail--what was it, really?--but which along the way castigated Christianity, the religion most clearly associated with that mysterious "relic", about its (Christianity`s) mysterious beginnings. Since I learned about the real source of the "Holy Grail" in doing epochal research that revealed the true origin of the ancient mysteries--worldwide--I was at first of a mind to submit an article on what I know about the real "Holy Grail", but then that castigation reminded me that a fair number of writers these days seem determined to bad-mouth, not just religion in general as atheists do, but Christianity in particular, and I know from my research into the truly ancient world--long before Jesus Christ--that bad-mouthing any religion, without really knowing the earliest beliefs it inherited and absorbed, is not a long-term prescription for global harmony, to say the least. So I thought I would share with readers a letter I wrote to a friend in response to an even sharper article on "Forged Origins of the New Testament" that had appeared in Nexus magazine (and I`m sorry, I don`t have a viable link for it). I wrote thus:

To correct the more recent history of the last 2,000 years, or the last 3,500 years (to include the Old Testament, the Vedas of India, etc.), basically would outrage all the modern religions, which developed in that time frame--with the caveat that, indeed, they all contain elements of an even more ancient religion, that of the gods of world myth. There is a chasm between the ancient belief in the gods and modern religions, so that even if one presented tell-all scandalous details of the birth and ascendancy of each of the latter-- and threw in every disgrace perpetrated in each of their names since their beginnings--one would scarcely have nicked the religious sense of the people of the Earth, rooted as it is on the far side of the "beginning," the "dreamtime" of the Australian aborigines for example, when "demigods and spirits of the dead ruled" according to the not-so-ancient early Egyptian testimony. This is the real source of the magical element in human religion, and it was injected deeply into mankind by the "gods" or their followers long before earthly kings began to rule, c. 4400 BC according to my findings to date.

You may recall, or look it up in my book [i.e., The End of the Mystery], I tried to give some sense of the truly ancient origin of the idea of "Son of God," in what is to us pre-history, by showing how the myths, long before monotheistic religions, are full of stories told about one or another Son of God: Hercules, Apollo, Mithra, Thor, etc.. I didn`t make a big deal out of it, as this author does, because it is not new (the first earthly kings were the Sons of God, and they and their offspring ruled "by divine right", doesn`t everybody know that?), and I assumed most people, especially scholars, would be thoroughly familiar with the concept as it is presented over and over again in world myths and earliest traditions--and because, with the finding of the great design of the "gods", I found an objective, physical origin for the idea of an offspring of the Most High coming to Earth and, basically, correcting and remaking the world.

My point is, I prefer to get to the root of things, rather than grumble or rant against the childishness of this or that modern religion. They are all childish, that is the bigger point--because psychologically we are fundamentally all orphaned children here on the physical plane--yet they are also founded upon a greater truth, that was passed down in childish images and stories simply because that is the way you keep a critical knowledge alive in the minds of mankind, against any disaster, any upheaval. If you want the truth about religion, any religion, today, look to Santa Claus; an all-loving, all-beneficent Creator is what every mind calls out for, what every soul intuits MUST BE. And they are right: Logically, it must be, whether you call it God or Love or Intelligence. There is no way it cannot exist, given our incredible world, incredible universe, and our incredible ability to think and grasp it.

Supposed dismantlings of the "Christ myth" or "Sacrificed Son of God" have been perpetrated by every successive religion, every age, every generation. It goes on, eternally apparently, because they do not get to the root, they merely--at best, or worst--effect an overthrow of the current religious consensus by an equally clueless (and equally valid) successor. I have gone beyond the (essentially) petty wranglings of the last 6,000 years in my discoveries. The "Son of God" is a title, and an achieved status of "mind and heart", not a person--and certainly not a person from thousands of years ago, no longer among us in the flesh.

PS--The "Holy Grail" is but one instance of a "relic"--an original sacred symbol--to be found in many various guises in the mythological traditions of the world, and it does not refer to any of the things being suggested today, outside of my works.

Dale Huffman