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Published:August 1st, 2009 18:48 EST
I'm Still Dreaming

I'm Still Dreaming

By Tony Graff

Yesterday I was checking my email, not thinking a whole heck of a lot, when I came across the email that opened the door for the biggest dream I have had in a decade. I have been working on a novel for a year, and finally got an agent who would represent my book, Juniper Crescent. That was a thrilling moment for me, one where the excitement is still tangible today. My biggest dream, the top of my bucket list, the big goal, is to get published as an author. 

With traces of yesterday`s excitement still pinging in my brain, I tried to think logically about what this means for my future. I have read articles about young adult authors and their success, and am trying to not get my hopes up. The dream was to be published, not specifically to be the next Stephenie Meyers or Orson Scott Card, though I wouldn`t exactly mind that either. All I can say as knowledge is that I love writing and telling stories. 

Dreams come true.