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Published:September 12th, 2009 14:00 EST
Accuracy is Key:UFOs and Aliens

Accuracy is Key:UFOs and Aliens

By SOP newswire2

Dear Henry Ocansey,

I have read your post on the student operated press and since you made remarkable strong statements without neither trying to infer them at any level but very superficially just making straight hypotetical statements.

I am more than sure that at the Western University of Connecticut they do teach students how to support what it is called a thesis: that is what you conclude after a deep study, analysis and after examining and
reviewing all your work you end up with your own thesis.

An hypothesis is instead what you do before you examine, analyze, critique, argue, and verify the evidence for or against your hypothesis.

I am also more than sure that the Student operated Press shares these common basic values, also because Ms.Piazza who affirms wants to become bigger than CNN certainly shares with you your extreme ambition.

But the basic rule in a news organization, especially a large one like CNN is accuracy, and your post cannot be defined as such since its very beginning statement: "All the planets that we know of are uninhabited".

You certainly demonstrated of being very lacking in accuracy, and demonstrated also of not having made much homework since it is more than known the "Phobos II incident" happened on March 28, 1989.

Now the fact that the issue you wanted to deal with is still at today not commonly shared by the general
audience, it does not mean that it is instead very well known in the scientific community.

Your statement "aliens don`t exist" just shows your fear of the phenomenon you refused to analyze in deep. I understand you might feel fear for an eventual existance of creatures coming from outer space and who can look different from yourself but in the end we are all creatures of this Universe and we should be able to recognize and respect each other despite our race of origin. What do you think?

Indeed according to Clifford Stone, a former Air Force military sergeant,who worked as UFO crash retriever, there are at least 57 different species of alien races.

Regarding then the fact you never see one on television, I would like to remember you that at least in the United States television is not the only existing media, there are also the radio, the Internet and the printed press.

Ambition is a very bad ally of any journalist or writer or opinion leader if you have a superficial approach to the facts like you just demonstrated with your post.

Also with your plain superficial statement you demonstrated your lack of knowledge of the global movement called the Disclosure Project, in which scientists members of the military and politicians are revolving their appeal to the us congress for the full disclosure of the ufo phenomenons files.

I do not want to go further with this because I presume you understand your lack of accuracy in arguing your piece and my suggestion would be for your good to do a better work in the future.

In particular my advice to you and to the student operated press is to:

1) write what you can master at your best, dealing with issues that you know very well

2) Never do just plain hypotetical statements but try to
argue your thesis with a deep work of analysis, documentation and study

3) Write your copies with accuracy otherwise your plain
and hypotetical statements won`t lead you far, neither will help your colleague to overcome CNN.

Howard Hunt