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Published:September 13th, 2009 18:05 EST
Put The Space Program on Hold!

Put The Space Program on Hold!

By Richard D. Hardaway

Dear SOP editor,

Presumably the country is nearly bankrupt, yet we persist in hanging on to the useless Space Program.  Recently the newspaper published a "new improved" photo of a very distant galaxy taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.  One can almost see the crowd of scientists jumping up and down and clapping one another on the back in congratulations.  "Oh lookee! You can see the dust and gasses being pushed out by the stars!" Who cares?!  Not too long ago there was a documentary on Voyager 2 sending back pictures of Uranus` moons and a similar celebration. Except for a handful of astronomers, how useful is any of that? And do any of them realize how many tax dollars it cost for their trivial pursuit?

Now they`re talking about another moon walk and may spend  billions in an endless struggle to reach Mars.  For what?  We are never going to live on the moon or Mars or any of the planets. Any earth-like planet beyond our solar system seems impractical even to the layman.  All that foolishness was just fine back when the economy was in full swing, but wouldn`t it be better to put the whole thing on hold until things get better?

There are apparently some cutbacks in the offing. Good! Let the scientists and technicians move on to developing things that are of some use. Alternative fuels for instance...more efficient electric cars & appliances. There must be an endless list of USEFUL alternatives to the USELESS space program."

Richard Dante Hardaway