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Published:September 16th, 2009 19:25 EST
The Other "Cook" is the "Military-Industrial Complex"

The Other "Cook" is the "Military-Industrial Complex"

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

Dear Maestro,

I agree with your article Let`s Think About Why We`re in Afghanistan Before It`s Too Late, which resulted in the engagement of the US in Afghanistan - the same way as US did engage itself in Iraq, Vietnam, Korea and for that matter all around the world in over thirty weaponed conflicts as well as in "peaceful" looking projects of countless number, supporting those weaponed ones indirectly, instead of concentrating itself on her own problems "at home".

The entire "soup" has more than one "cook" which you label as "extremism"  and the name of the other "cook" is  the "military-industrial complex" with its hunger for the world markets. The US should place an emphasis on fighting  the "extremism" on the foreign soils of course, as you point out, but also should fight the "extremism" on her own soil, in keeping her "military-industrial complex" and its hunger in "check" , otherwise, it will keep on fuelling many a Halloween "fire bags" around the world.


With my best regards.