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Published:September 26th, 2009 08:39 EST
Helium cut me off and claimed the copyright to my 150 articles

Helium cut me off and claimed the copyright to my 150 articles

By SOP newswire2


200 Brickstone Square                                                                
Andover, MA 01810       

Dear Helium,                                                             

When Helium cut me off and claimed the copyright to my 150 articles so they could continue to use them for advertising-space revenue without reimbursing me as they had promised, it did not overly concern me as the freeing truth in said articles was still being made available to those who needed it.

The articles documented The Elite`s " developing programs to achieve the Georgia Guidstone objectives to reduce the world population to 500 million controlled by an international court. 

My articles revealed The Elite`s " developing and implementing human-implant tracking-and super computer monitoring of thoughts and emotions contrary to Elite objectives and their ability to locate, redirect, cause suffering and/or eliminate those not serving THEIR greater good ".

My articles revealed The Elite`s " so called free trade program that uses food-price control to starve and oppress third-world populations with corporate control of resources resulting in loss of resources to pay for world-banker false debts of bank credit created from nothing as a means of payment.

My articles revealed how the banker-owned federal reserve has created bank-credit debt " (that cannot be proved as a money debt), enabling college students, families, and small businesses to free themselves from the false debt of credit cards and bank-credit loans such as home mortgages.

My articles fully explained how the economic crisis was orchestrated and caused by the intentional selling of uncollectible subprime loans, threatening secondary markets with bankruptcy, and justifying " taxpayer gifts of billions of dollars to banks and secondary markets.  Wells Fargo (who received 25 Billion of taxpayer money) was targeted by my articles to expose banker`s deceptive practices.  An employee of Wells Fargo quit when she realized Wells Fargo had organized a subprime division to sell mortgages with a high probability of failure so they could collect a few payments and sell them to secondary markets for increased profit. This was exposed in a TV interview of the employee!

My articles also clarify true Christian-gospel principles that free truth-seekers from the enforced doctrine, moral law and ritual of antichrist priests and pastors in false churches. Islamic jihad threats are also discussed along with The Elite " orchestrated, U.S. secret government enabled, false-flag attack, murdering thousands in the twin towers, "justifying` a war on terror " as an excuse to strip citizens of constitutional freedoms and invade Iraq with lost lives that increased the national debt so the banker-owned Federal Reserve could make more profit and corporations could gain control of Iraq`s resources.

My articles also revealed the U.S. legislative plan to control world food sources and medical procedures, outlawing those disapproved by newly established government authority, as well as the rapidly decreasing capacity of world food production that is leading to fast-approaching world famine in economies where money will be worthless as there will no longer be resources to buy.

So why did Helium give up all that lucrative advertising space that the ever-growing popularity of my 150 articles were providing?  Why did Helium choose to abandon the truth to serve the lies of The Elite "? Why did Helium abandon all of its high-sounding where knowledge dwells " for where knowledge is oppressed " with the book-burning mentality of a gutless, depraved leadership, controlled by fear of The Elite ".

I have warned the spirits who control and empower humans of the Helium staff to restore my articles or be cast into outer darkness.  They had three days to do so, which ended Sept 23rd 2009. Now the Helium staff is on their own (uninspired and underpowered).  Will they choose to receive empowerment and protection from God, The Father, by asking for it in the name of God, The Son, and (Jesus of Nazareth) or will their spirits follow their cast-out, false spirit guides into outer darkness at their impending demise?


The Messenger


About me     

I have searched for my truth and found it. The truth has given me a heart full of peace, love and joy as well as led me to my soul mate (twin flame).                                                                      

I am free to serve the balance of existence by helping others attain the truth-level they choose. Individual differences are necessary to create balance between light (pure heart love) and darkness (logical order control).                                                                                                       

I am a Seer and can reveal origins, purposes and powers of those who have come to assist the heavens establish freedom of choice and balance. To most I am a nut case, but not to those who feel my energy and possess the gift to discern the truth of what I reveal.    

I subscribe to no church doctrine or moral law of priests, claiming the priesthood right to be intermediaries between God and his children, who assume they have authority from God to question, accuse, judge and punish. They are antichrists. 

I teach correct principles so each can govern themselves with freedom to choose without submitting to the judgment of any man.    

I know that life is a series of learning experiences which each can use to enlighten their spirit or darken their spirit. They are free to serve light or darkness at any period or level of existence.

Belief in right and wrong, good and evil, correct or incorrect requires one judge on the basis of rules or laws that indoctrinate and stop spiritual growth with a barrier to further truth. Jesus of Nazareth fulfilled the law, freeing all from judgment under the law and from sin, which is the transgression of the law.

Darrell Miller
P.O. BOX 986
Beaver Dam, AZ 86432