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Published:October 31st, 2009 15:16 EST
The Plain and Simple Truth: Social Ideology and Capitalism

The Plain and Simple Truth: Social Ideology and Capitalism

By Richard Taylor

Hippies had it right back in the 60`s and 70`s when they were trying to profess peace and love. But our government would have none of that. There was too much money to be made with wars. It`s the plain and simple truth. Never mind that it came at the expense of our youth who had to go over to wherever we were waging these so-called wars and get killed. But then we would call them hero`s and put their names up on a wall for giving their lives for their country.

   Is that what America is all about? First we had the world wars which were real wars. Countries attacked other countries trying to dominate the world. But after that, the government saw what a real boon it was for our economy to wage war. So they made up wars. Next came Korea. Did Korea attack us and try to take us over? No. But the government invented the fact that communism was running amuck over there and could spread to America and threaten our idea`s of capitalism. They couldn`t have that. So they started what they called a war. Besides, it was good for our economy. Here is the definition of communism.
Communism, a theory and system of social and political organization that was a major force in world politics for much of the 20th century. As a political movement, communism sought to overthrow capitalism through a workers` revolution and establish a system in which property is owned by the community as a whole rather than by individuals. In theory, communism would create a classless society of abundance and freedom, in which all people enjoy equal social and economic status.
   But communism never got the chance to express itself the way it was meant to. It was a good theory, but the governments that implemented it screwed it up and used it as a power thing. And that`s what the world is really all about isn`t it. He who has the most power wins. That`s what America has become. Isn`t this life here on earth supposed to be about the quality of life? Good health and freedom to do the right thing as we choose? It seems to me it has gotten a little out of hand. Our politicians have gotten just as bad as the politi-buro over in Russia, only the reason why it works here is that they are more devious. They know how to make things appear good when in fact they`re really not. They know how to tell us what we WANT to hear, not what we NEED to hear.

   I`m not rallying for communism nor trying to defend capitalism. I`m just pointing out the truth. And truth is relative. What is the truth for you isn`t the truth for everybody else. So isn`t that what the government is really doing. Forcing what is their truth onto the rest of America? People, we have to wake up at some point in time or we are going to go extinct like the Inca`s and Mayan`s. Nobody knows what really happened to them, they only have suppositions. No real documented facts. I think they got too big for their pants, got out of control, and probably had massive revolts and killed each other over it. Who knows? All I know is I think we`re headed in the same direction. After Korea, and many deaths, we created the Vietnam War. And we saw where that went. A lot more deaths. But hey, it was good for our economy. We got rich at the expense of our youths.

   And after that mess was over we had to have another war. So what did they come up with? Yep, that`s right. The cold war. And it too was not a war. It was an imaginary war that they made up. And they spent billions on it. It`s crazy. Don`t you think that we could have made Russia just THINK we had all of these nuclear weapons. They would never have known for sure no matter how many spies they had over here. During that time we spent 800 billion on submarines alone. Who`s running America? It sounds like a paranoid person to me.

   And now we have Iraq at the expense of 6 billion a month, and once again, the expense of our youths lives. Only now we have changed the excuse from communism to terrorism. It couldn`t be that we`re over there for the oil, could it? Oh, but our politicians are so good at telling us what we WANT to here. Right? And look at all the smart bombs and weapons we get to manufacture. America is really thriving. And let me remind you once again, I`m not against America. We`re great. But at who`s expense? And couldn`t we really be greater? Just think. We`ve built the greatest war machine in the world, think if we applied it to peace and well-being. We`d have heaven on earth.

   Here is one definition of capitalism:

An economic system built upon the profit motive. Capitalism depends upon private individuals or companies investing money in order to make profits. In Marxist analysis, these profits are secured by exploiting workers who provide their labor.

   Here`s another:
It is important to define "Capitalism" correctly because a proper definition is a prerequisite to a proper defense. Capitalism is the only moral political system because it is the only system dedicated to the protection of rights, which is a requirement for human survival and flourishing. This is the only proper role of a government. Capitalism should be defended vigorously on a moral basis, not an economic or utilitarian basis.

   So capitalism can be good or bad depending on how it is expressed. Kind of sounds like what happened to communism. It could have been good, but went bad. And corporations are outsourcing to exploit poor people who will work for almost nothing and then turn around and sell their product for an arm and a leg here in America. It sounds like morality has gone south. If we continue maybe we`ll end up like Russia. And Russia`s government was always lying to its people and telling them propaganda about how bad America was. Look what happened to them. Lying is defined as the deliberate act of deviating from the truth. 

   But it kind of sounds like another government I know of. Ours. And I must remind you once again that I`m not cutting America. I think it`s great. It`s the government, like Russia`s, that is getting out of hand. They have lulled Americans to sleep by lying to us and telling us what they think we want to hear, not what we need to hear. And Bush has been good at doing that. Go to this website and you will be horrified at what you will learn. Click on the link and watch the movie. What you will learn is that ever since Pearl Harbor and the Second World War the CIA has been the dominant force running the world. They should be called the CAA, not CIA. The Covert Action Agency. And they lie, and lie, and lie. And they are so secret that I wonder of our own presidents know what they are up to. And if they do, what does that say about America. The CIA has carte blanche and is above the law. They have unrestricted power to act at their own discretion.

Go to this link and learn more. It tells about the terminal experiments they did and mind control and assassinations. 

   So here it is America. What does this tell you about the Kennedy assassinations and the assassination of Martin Luther King? These were good people. Who in their right mind would go out and kill them? That`s right. The people that killed them weren`t in their right mind. Could it be that the CIA used their mind control on the patsy`s they used to kill them? The CIA couldn`t have somebody like JFK in office because he would have probably shut them down. It`s all about control with the CIA. Here`s something to think about. Could they have been behind 9/11 and the towers coming down. Look at it. It got us another war. So what if it killed a lot of people. They don`t care. And don`t go calling me un-American. I`m as American as you are. I was born and raised here. The only deffererence is that I can SEE what is happening. Isn`t it time for you to SEE?

   Okay, I`ll tell you what gives me the authority to bring these things to light. It`s time for you to find out who I am. I was born in 1956 and I was a part of the hippy generation. The baby boomers. Only I had one thing against me from the start. I didn`t know it at the time, but I suffered from chronic depression. I didn`t know it was depression, I just thought that it was the way that everybody felt. So when I got in my teens I found pot. It was an excellent prescription for depression. As I got older I went through all the turmoil`s and worries of being drafted and going over to the so-called war in Nam. But it turned out it ended in time. So I got married instead. I might as well of enlisted. Talk about a controller. 

   It was good at first, but as time went on she wouldn`t let me smoke pot. So I suffered through my depression for about eight years. There came a time when she said it was okay to drink on the weekends. Great! I thought. That was when I turned into a functioning alcoholic. The next four years of my life were pure hell. Now if she would have let me smoke pot I don`t think I would have ever become one. It ended in a divorce. I went through a couple of rehabs and got sober. Then came the second marriage. She smoked pot so I remained sober and un-depressed for the next nine years. She had two boys from her first marriage but wanted another one which I couldn`t supply her with as I had been fixed from my first marriage. Divorce number two.

   I had a good job and when my friends there found out about my divorce they turned me onto what they had just been turned onto for about a month now. Crack cocaine. This all plays into my finding out what America is really all about. After going through addiction to alcohol I knew this was not the route for my friends to go through. It explained to me why they were missing a lot of work lately and why some had even quit. It`s a nasty relentless addiction. I go home and contact the DEA and sheriff`s narcotics department to try to help my friends. To make a long story short of which I am trying to get the book published that tells all about it, I end up going to prison for it.

   When I get out I try to commit suicide, for my life is no life at all now. I`m unsuccessful so they put me back in prison for trying it. I ask you, how screwed up is our society? I needed help, not prison. Society makes it legal to go out and get addicted to the drug alcohol, which is defined as poison, and make the non- physically addictive drug of marijuana illegal. You can go out and get drunk and have a blackout and have wrecks that kill people, and it`s legal to buy this stuff. But pot doesn`t do that to you. How dysfunctional is that?

   So when I get out again I suffer a stroke from all of the stress caused from being there. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. An Angel comes to me one night and heals me not only of my stroke, but my alcoholism as well. Many, many miracles have come from my stroke. This led me on to find out the answers to life and why we are here, and you will be surprised at what I have found out. 

   I researched quantum physics, the near death experience, and our reality, the nature of God, whom I call The All, and have made many fascinating realizations. I have written two books and a screenplay but can find nobody here in America that will publish them. I think it`s because they contain nothing but the truth, and as we all know, America doesn`t want to hear the truth. I think I shouldn`t say America, but rather, I should say the republicans don`t want to hear the truth. They`re conservatives. They don`t care about anyone else, things are fine the way they are and they want to keep them that way. That`s why Bush got elected AGAIN! And they call democrats liberals and make it out to be a nasty un-American thing. I pulled some more of the truth off the web. Here is the truth about liberals.

Although I do not like to generalize, for the purposes of a (somewhat) concise dictionary definition, here is the very basic liberal (American sense) ideology:


The federal government exists to protect and serve the people, and therefore, should be given sufficient power to fulfill its role successfully. Ways in which this can be accomplished include giving the federal government more power than local governments and having the government provide programs designed to protect the interests of the people (these include welfare, Medicare, and social security, but should also include healthcare of all Americans). Overall, these programs have helped extensively in aiding the poor and unfortunate, as well as the elderly and middle class.

To make sure that the interests of the people are served, it was liberals (or so they were considered in their time) that devised the idea of a direct democracy, a republic, and modern democracy. This way, it is ensured that the federal government represents the interests of the people, and the extensive power that it is given is not used to further unpopular goals. Liberals do not concentrate on military power (though that is not to say they ignore it), but rather focus on funding towards education, improving wages, protecting the environment, etc. Many propose the dismantling of heavy-cost programs such as the Star Wars program (no, not the film series), in order to use the money to fund more practical needs.

Social Ideology:

As one travels further left on the political spectrum, it is noticed that tolerance, acceptance, and general compassion for all people steadily increases (in theory at least). Liberals are typically concerned with the rights of the oppressed and unfortunate this, of course, does not mean that they ignore the rights of others (liberals represent the best interests of the middle-class in America). This has led many liberals to lobby for the rights of homosexuals, women, minorities, single-mothers, etc. Many fundamentalists see this is immoral; however, it is, in reality, the most mature, and progressive way in which to deal with social differences. Liberals are identified with fighting for equal rights, such as those who wanted to abolish slavery and those who fought hard for a woman`s reproductive right (see Abortion). Liberals have also often fought for ecological integrity, protecting the environment, diversity of species, as well as indigenous populations` rights. Almost all social betterment programs are funded by liberal institutions, and government funded social programs on education improvement, children`s` rights, women`s` rights, etc. are all supported by liberals. Basically, social liberalism is the mature, understanding way in which to embrace individual differences, not according to ancient dogma or religious prejudice, but according to the ideals of humanity that have been cultivated by our experiences throughout history, summed up in that famous American maxim: with liberty and justice for all.


Using the term "liberal` when speaking of economics is very confusing, as liberal in America is completely opposite to the rest of the world. Therefore, here, as I have been doing, I will concentrate on the American definition of liberal concerning economics.

Liberals believe that the rights of the people, of the majority, are to be valued much more sincerely than those of corporations, and therefore have frequently proposed the weakening of corporate power through heavier taxation (of corporations), environmental regulations, and the formation of unions. Liberals often propose the heavier taxation of WEALTHY individuals, while alleviating taxes on the middle class, and especially the poor. Liberals (American sense) do not support laissez-faire economics because, to put it simply, multinational corporations take advantage of developing countries and encourage exploitation and child labor (multinational corporations are spawned from laissez-faire policies). Instead, many propose the nationalization of several industries, which would make sure that wealth and power is not concentrated in a few hands, but is in the hands of the people (represented by elected officials in government). I am not going to go into the extreme intricacies of the economic implications of privatization of resources, etc., but will say that privatization and globalization have greatly damaged the economies of Latin America, namely Argentina and Mexico (see NAFTA).

This summation of the leftist ideology may not be 100% correct in all situations, as there are many variations on several issues and I may have depicted the current definition of liberal as too far to the left than it is generally accepted.

On that note, many leftists are critical of the political situation in America, claiming that the left is now in the center, as the general populace has been conditioned by institutions such as Fox News to consider everything left of Hitler " (as one clever person put it) as radical liberalism.

I, myself, have observed that, in America, there are two basic types of liberals: those who concern themselves only with liberal policies on the domestic front, and either ignore international affairs or remain patriotic and dedicated to the American way (Al Franken, Bill Clinton, etc.)

And then there are those, despite the criticism they face from many fellow liberals " (classified under the former definition), who are highly critical of US foreign policy, addressing such issues as Iran-Contra, the Sandinistas, Pinochet, Vietnam, NATO`s intervention in Kosovo, our trade embargo on Cuba, etc, etc. (such as Noam Chomsky, William Blumm, etc.)

Unfortunately, it seems that adolescent rage has run rampant on this particular word, and most definitions are either incoherent jumbles of insults and generalizations or deliberate spewing of misinformation (see the definition that describes the situation in Iraq, without addressing our suppression of popular revolts in Iraq, our pre-war sanctions on Iraq that have caused the death of some 5 million children, and our support for Saddam during the Iran-Iraq war, and even our post-war sale of biological elements usable in weapons to Saddam`s regime). seems that people have the terms "liberal" "socialist" and "communist" all confused. A communist is liberal. A socialist is liberal. But a liberal is not necessarily communist or socialist.
I am a liberal; I believe in equal rights for all, fair trade, compassionate foreign and domestic policies, and diplomacy instead of war.


Here are some examples and descriptions of what conservatives have done for us.

Today however, at least in the U.S., the terms have become fairly meaningless. Or, at very least, they are ambiguous. We have had recent administrations led by "conservatives" such as Mr. Reagan and Mr. Bush II

that have done things like:

1. Incur huge federal government debts;
2. Increase the number of federal government employees beyond the wildest dreams of `liberals`;
3. Promote and legislate federal government intervention in ways that both increase the absolute level of regulatory activity, and intrude [my view] into areas previously managed or mis-managed by local and regional [state/provincial] governments: National educational program..The so-called `No child left behind` law.

4. Call for constitutional amendments to restrict the rights of citizens, in an arena until now left to the States to regulate...Anti-gay marriage amendment The terror management feature of conservatism can be seen in post-Sept. 11 America, where many people appear to shun and even punish outsiders and those who threaten the status of cherished world views, they wrote. Concerns with fear and threat, likewise, can be linked to a second key dimension of conservatism - an endorsement of inequality, a view reflected in the Indian caste system, South African apartheid and the conservative, segregationist politics of the late Sen. Strom Thurmond (R-South S.C.).

Disparate conservatives share a resistance to change and acceptance of inequality, the authors said. Hitler, Mussolini, and former President Ronald Reagan were individuals, but all were right-wing conservatives because they preached a return to an idealized past and condoned inequality in some form. Talk host Rush Limbaugh can be described the same way, the authors commented in a published reply to the article.
So all on all America, here is an overview of the true America, and conservatives are going to hate me and ridicule me for exposing the truth. But hey, how can I be bad for telling the truth? Our government lied to us when they set off the first nuclear bomb. They said it was an accident from an explosion of some dynamite. They lied to us and told us Korea was a war. Then Viet Nam was a war. Then the cold war with Russia. Then there`s been a bunch of smaller wars that I`m sure the CIA has been running, and it`s all been in the interest of the CIA running the world. But it`s been for all the wrong reasons. Too many people have died because of them.

    Are we going to sit here and let it continue? Now we have the war in Iraq. And I`m sure they`re in on it. And we send our children to go over there and get killed. Is this the America that everyone dreams about? We have changed justice into revenge. Justice, to me, is what is right, not getting back at somebody. We need to better define who we Americans really are. So far with the CIA and the corporations, it looks to me like we are out to try and dominate the world, not make it a better place for everybody to live. Because they don`t care about anybody else`s lives. They only care about themselves and their power over everybody else.

    It`s time for us Americans to wake up and see what is really happening. We all seek the reason for BEING, and I have found it. You see, I have discovered something else that our government is LETTING happen. The Taliban pays the poor farmers in Afghanistan to grow the poppy seed and make heroine. They produce 6000 tons of it and then pay for their terrorism with it to the tune of roughly 50 billion dollars. Our government says it has gotten tough on terrorism, which to me has only been the spread of fear at our airports. So why don`t they go to the real source of terrorism? Their drugs that they pollute America and the rest of the world with. We have the resources to stop this evil drug from ever entering our country. It`s the source that we have over in Iraq fighting a make-believe war. Why don`t we cut of their source of income thereby crippling them?

   I`ll tell you why, and it that seems that I am the only one that can see it. The truth is, the government and the CIA would lose control of their tactics of drugs and their most formidable source of control over us. Fear. Yes America, their tactics of the use of lies, fear, and drugs has controlled America and the world now for over a half century. Ever since the Second World War ended. We have never really been free. We have been led to believe that we are, but we have been shackled with fear ever since then. We make up 5% of the world population, but our privatized prisons make up 25% of it. Something is wrong. They have created a very believable illusion. One that everyone in America seems to have fallen for.

    So what are we going to do about it? We need another revolution. And the word revolution isn`t a bad word. It means to complete a circle. You go around in a circle and when it`s complete it`s a revolution. And in each revolution we are supposed to evolve. So let us set our goals on doing just that. Let us evolve into the beings we are truly meant to be. But the question now is, who is going to take us there? We have to look for and find a leader. And no, I don`t mean a politician. Let us start in a new direction before it is too late. Here`s to a new and spiritual America. Amen.
Richard Lee Taylor

Author: A Stroke of Divine Intervention