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Published:November 5th, 2009 12:33 EST
Anthony Sowell Case

To Robert Paul Reyes about the Anthony Sowell Case

By SOP newswire2

Dear mister Reyes,
Anthony Sowell Case
I`ve read your article about the Anthony Sowell case.
From the first time I`ve read about this gruesome case it grabbed my attention.
And I was shocked to see that a registered sex offender could murder at least 11 women while he should have been, in my opinion, very closely watched. I live in the Netherlands, we don`t have a list where you can check if there is a registered sex offender living in your neighbourhood. But apparently even that doesn`t help because Anthony Sowell could do `his thing` undisturbed for about four years.
It makes me wonder, our goverment here doesn`t want to make a public list of convicted sex offenders because it invades the privacy of those people. But what about the privacy of the victims? What about the family members and friends who will never forget the impact such a violent crime has on someone.
I also read this in your article, and I quote: "Do we only pay attention to murders when the victims are young white women?" Do you really think this is a possibility or was it just a phrase to get comments from your readers? Because I just cannot believe that murdercases are taken more seriously when the victims are white instead of black. Offcourse, I live in a very liberate country and we don`t really have much black or white issues but I think that`s also the case in the USA (but correct me if I`m wrong).
But one thing this case really does is making you wonder if you can thrust your neighbours... I certainly can`t. I don`t know them, even though I already live here for three years right now. I don`t even know the names of my neighbours. I`m not much at home, mostly working or going out, so do I pay attention to what people do in my neighbourhood? No, I don`t. But I could never forgive myself if I would find out that my neighbour is serial killer.
So from now on... I`m gonna pay more attention. In fact, I`m gonna ask a cup of sugar from my neighbour today. Maybe I can ask his name too.
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
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