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Published:November 6th, 2009 12:11 EST
 Let Michael Jackson Rest in Peace

Let Michael Jackson Rest in Peace

By SOP newswire2

Thank GOD!  It`s about time!  Let the man rest in peace!    It is so obvious that the man was a child trapped in a man`s body.  He never had a childhood and because of his wealth, could buy all the animals, rides, etc and try and live that fantasy.    I remember watching that interview where some man lived with him for a while...and he asked Michael Jackson is he ever came out to the rides when he was alone.  Michael responded, without hesitation, of course.  I come out here all the time.  I listen to classic music and create some of his own music while riding these rides.    The man doing the interview obviously thought Michael bought all the rides and animals, etc to lure boys into his about having a foregone conclusuion before writing, producing his interview...again, the man was rich, he was eccentric, but he was a humanitarian and a genius with music and dance.....and he loved children, because he related to them, from that child who never grew up inside him....Rest In Peace Michael....I loved  "This Is It"....

I am 64 years old and became a Michael Jackson fan after his death.  Listening to all the coverage, I heard his music and loved it.  Went out and bought CD`s and DVD`s and books on MJ...Even when I wasn`t a fan, I never believed he was a pedophile.  It has always been obvious that he was a man who never experienced his childhood and was trying to capture it.  Short and sweet.  I wasn`t a fan when Michael was alive, because I wasn`t in the generation who watched Michael, but I am now.  I love his music.  Listen to his says so much about him.  He is loving. He is kind.  He loves God!  He love the world and wants to save the Heal the World!  Give Michael the credit he deserves!
Michael Jackson Wasn`t A Pedophile Michael Jackson was a shy and abused child who grew up to be an adult with many psychological problems.