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Published:November 6th, 2009 22:07 EST
Hideki Matsui's Interpreter not Translating Some Details

Hideki Matsui's Interpreter not Translating Some Details

By SOP newswire2


Always interesting for me to see different view.

I, who is Japanese, sometimes have seen Matsui`s interpreter not translating some details of what Matsui says. To my ears, sometimes some of  those details have been the most important point among Matsui`s words. These facts make me feel that Yankees think there`s no serious problem about this. At least in the MVP ceremony Matsui answered everything the master of ceremony asked as I saw the live telecast, even if the interpreter did not translate some. Matsui looked understanding any questions without interpreter.

After receiving the Awards Matsui explained the reason why he did not speak in English in the ceremony to the media, so I hope you find it somewhere. That reason made me feel his way of life looks quite

Love and peace
Disappointed in MVP Hideki Matsui Geoff shows that despite all the well deserved acolades Hideki Matsui has recieved on the baseball diamond, it is always possible to complain.