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Published:November 9th, 2009 10:15 EST
All Crimes Have an Element of Hate

All Crimes Have an Element of Hate

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

Fort Hood Attack Is A Hate Crime

All crimes have an element of hate. Major Dr. Hasan`s crime surely also had. But, against what? It would be naive and ignorant to claim "that was a hate of a Muslim against Christians and Jews". All these religions are the religions of God and God is one. All these religions are "sister religions".

Remember the paragraph in Barnaba`s Bible (one copy is in The Louvre, one copy is in Vatican) , where Jesus says to people: "The saviour after me will be named Ahmed" (indicating Mohammed will be the next saviour) . Any history of religion book will reveal, it was a Christian priest who recognized Mohammed when he was a youngster, that he would be the next prophet. Remember the miracles that the Holy Quran came with, to him and surrounded his life. In despite of all these Christians have difficulty in recognizing Islam as a religion of God. Whose fault is this?

Major Dr. Hasans?

Article says, Major Dr. Hasan was a devoted Muslim. Many say they are, but they are not. They haven`t read and understood the Quran, which says among thousands of beautiful things; "Your first duty as a Muslim, is to protect the books we sent before this one, as much as you have them on hand." (Pointing out to the Holy Bible, the New and Old Testaments and Zabur (The Psalms).

And "Talk to the Christians the Jews, tell them, your God is also our God, as God is one and propose to them to build an Abraham`s Nation altogether. If they accept, they would be doing the best and the most beautiful."

Just the same as Christians and Jews who say they are devoted Christians and Jews, but haven`t read even its first page. The Genesis writes, "Mankind will find holiness in the Nation of Abraham."  Abraham was a profound, great prophet and Moses, Jesus and Mohammed were all his relatives who came later.

Ignorance about the God`s religions, about one`s own book and about the books of other religions of God, have been, together with the impact of the corrupt political-economical-religious leaders, thinking of their own benefits, historically, the prime reasons for the conflicts among God`s religions and wars. People do not read these four books : The Quran, The New Testament, The Old testament and the Psalms - but they read millions of pages of rubbish newspapers and ads and watch millions of hours of rubbish TV s, let alone listen to the traditions which are not the "religions of God"...

"Religions of God" have become poisons and opium in the hands of the "wrong" leaders, instead of being the inspiration and education and guidance for life.

Major Dr Hasan had a state of "delirium tremence", a high state of being crazy, when he committed his criminal act. He must of course be punished fully. Was he a devoted Muslim? May be he was. (One`s religion is his private thing.) Did he commit this crime because he was a Muslim? No. A true Muslim`s heart, like the heart of a true Christian and a true Jew is full of love, peace, justice and brotherhood - not of "hate".

Major Dr Hasan, was crazy when he committed his crime.

Whoever confuses these two things has a long way to go to attain an education in logic...