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Published:November 9th, 2009 19:48 EST
Liberal B*tches like Judyth Piazza are why so many people are turning off the network news

Liberal B*tches like Judyth Piazza are why so many people are turning off the network news

By SOP newswire2


What is a Liberal?

Mar 11, 2006 ... A few days ago, someone tried to insult me by calling me a liberal ". He must have thought being a liberal was a bad thing.

Liberal bitches like you are why so many people are turning off the network news shows and dropping their subscriptions to newspapers by the droves.  You sit there in all your piosity calling Carrie Prejean skanky " right after making the point she is born again " which exemplifies your love of crucifying Christians because you are full of hatred for them while you sit there and bad mouth her for hating our gay brothers and sisters "; how typical of you liberal hate mongers to be preach tolerance for everyone when you are not tolerant of anyone with a different belief system than your own.

And you mock Carrie by asking what her excuses might be: I was only 17 at the time? I uttered "Jesus" while I was, um, pleasuring myself, so the whole thing was a spiritual endeavor? "  You are the lowest of the low you hateful scumbag bitch.  Are you proud of everything you did as a youth?  Did you ever do anything that was meant to share with someone in private who after decades has decided to make it public in order to pad his/her pockets with a few thousand dollars by selling it to trash like you? Did you ever think that she might have made this video before she became a Christian and was born again? 

Oh, I am sorry, that would require you to think and that may not be possible for you.  Your little smart ass comment about Carrie thinking about Jesus while she pleasured herself shows exactly what sort of contempt you have for Christians and even Christ Himself, so you can continue to be proud of yourself for that little snippet while you burn in Hell for eternity.

And you write that she deserves to be ridiculed because she has set herself up for it so well, but all that line does is further show how two faced you and your liberals buddies in the media are because you would not dare say any of these disgustingly hateful things about one of your liberal buddies, so it is only news worthy to you when a conservative does something wrong, not when a liberal does something wrong.  The biggest difference is that conservatives, and particularly Christian conservatives, have a measuring stick by which we determine morality and good vs. bad, but you liberals don`t have a morality measuring stick because you have NO morals.  If a liberal does it, it`s OK, if a conservative does it, it`s wrong; that is your only measuring stick.  Christians have never said we are perfect, we are just forgiven for the times we fall short of perfection because we are covered by the blood of Jesus who died on the cross as the ultimate sacrifice so that through him, we might have a relationship with God, the creator of the universe.  And I am quite sure he has forgiven Carrie Prejean for her sins, and He has forgiven my sins; and she and I will both live in Heaven with Him forever.  Can you say with any certainty where you are spending eternity?  I can.


K. Spurgin

Can It Get Worse For Carrie Prejean? Her Mom Saw Sex Tape! Former Miss USA, Carrie Prejean`s mother was present at a screening of her daughter`s solo sex tape.

Like A Bad Boob Job Leaking Silicon, Carrie Prejean`s Sex Tape Will Leak Online - Carrie Prejean has accomplished the seemingly impossible: Male homosexuals who`ve never seen a straight p*rn movie, are dying to see the video of the born again hypocrite pleasuring herself.

Carrie Prejean X-Rated Sex Tape: Too Hot For The Internet - Now that is has come to light that Prejean freely allowed one of her lovers to film her as she masturbated, will the Jesus crowd still stand by the disgraced beauty queen?

Part Two

Just like a liberal as I stated: you can call people names all day long and it is perfectly fine, but I call you names and I am "expressing a redneck tone`.  I figured name calling is all you understand since it is all you did in your piece, but as usual, you don`t like it much when it is aimed back at you.
Secondly, just like a liberal, and just like Carrie`s former boyfriend, you take something that was meant as purely personal, and plaster it all over the place for the public to partake without permission and for your personal gain.  My email was personally addressed to you, not to some editor, and was never meant to be published, and if you need to remove my email from your website and you owe me a letter of apology for making public a personal piece that you published without my permission.  In all your righteous indignation, you probably think you have the right to do anything you want with my email either because it is an email, or just because you can somehow benefit from it or use it for your own purposes, but you do not have that right, because I did not give that right to you.  The email was addressed to you, not to the Editor, not to Whom it May Concern, or to your readers in general.  I chose the tone I used in the email precisely because it was to you personally and would have "removed the redneck tone` as you call it if I had meant it to be made public in any way.  Again, I used the name-calling that you resorted to in your piece which was public, but oh yes, being the two-faced liberal you are, it is OK for you, but not for me to use that tone and name calling, right?
Oh, and thanks for the offer to allow me to improve your website with my view of things, but I wouldn`t give your student website the time to lift it out of the liberal press slime you have chosen to sink to.  I will patiently await your apology.

"I love it when crazy people go on rants like that! It makes me laugh =)"



Hi Judyth,
I read this and it sounds real bad; the language is abusive. I left my comment. Would you consider deleting the post or just waving the writer a reminder?
I am listening to your interviews and you sound great.
Best Regards

The fact that the angry post appeared on this site shows that the editors are way too tolerant and that the writer is set on fire and his/herthinking faculty (if any) has long gone.
Jeremiah Hunsicker
so can a liberal not be a christian? and a conservative not be an atheist? ... i was unaware political views were correlated with religious views?
Judyth Piazza
Maybe we should start a religion called CHAD. Of course it would have to be based in FLa.
" You got to know what you write will come out."
A.J. Hammer
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