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Published:November 12th, 2009 12:15 EST
The Controversy Surrounding JFK's Assassination

The Controversy Surrounding JFK's Assassination

By SOP newswire2

JFK Video: The Dallas Tapes-Assassination 101 for Our Future Conspiratoricians!

Great article about Penn Jones.  I am not aprofessional researcher but have followed the events of 1963 for many years. 

The controversy surrounding JFK`s assassination will go on forever as long as the government stonewalls on it`s release of every bit of information still sealed and as long as they continue to employ individuals to counter any new conspiracy information and label those of us who continue to believe in a conspiracy as "nuts." 

There are too many loose ends, hundreds of them.  Oswald`s time frame from the book depository to his apartment, the police car outsaide of his apartment, possible shots being fired from the storm drain in Dealey Plaza, the single bullet theory, and on and on.

I will not live to see the truth revealed in my lifetime, but I hope a new generation of researchers continue to carry the torch in the name of truth.  Thanks again for the article.
Dick Vittorioso
Preston, Ct.