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Published:November 16th, 2009 12:17 EST
Comment on the SOP article "Islamic Headscarves Forbidden in Turkish Universities."

Comment on the SOP article "Islamic Headscarves Forbidden in Turkish Universities."

By SOP newswire2

Comment on the sop. Newswire article "Islamic headscarves forbidden in Turkish universities."

1- There is no such thing as Islamic headscarves. In the Quran, there are two paragraphs

Related to the women`s covering their head.

"Women should cover their head."  (Assumablyfor hygienic reasons as women worked in the kitchen)

"When going out, women should cover the open parts of their breasts with their head scarves."  (Not to excite the men in the streets.)

There is no definition in the Holy Quran as to how the head should be covered. Quran is not a book of fashion.

Although this is so, some e who call themselves Muslims, have created a so-called fashion it head covers and call it "Islamic". The prohibition in Turkish Universities (also in official laces - just the same as in France) is for this non-existing Islamic fashion. The prohibition protects the religion.     Quran is not a fashion-book.

Wearing of head scarves by women otherwise is free. It has been observed in Turkey   that girls and women are offered money by the groups behind the so-called Islamic scarf,

If they wear a so-called Islamic scarf. . Islamic scarf, a non-existing Islamic fashion,

Islamic headscarves forbidden at Turkish universities

Jun 5, 2008 ... Islamic headscarves forbidden at Turkish universities. ... court has ruled that Islamic headscarves cannot be worn at Turkish universities. ...