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Published:November 24th, 2009 13:35 EST
Important Information About The Male Foreskin

Important Information About The Male Foreskin

By SOP newswire2

Male Genital Mutilation

I must congratulate Ron Low on highlighting such important information about the male foreskin.

I am from the UK and 66yrs old. My foreskin was removed and binned by a doctor when I was between two and three years old. I never had normal sexual satisfaction from intercourse and my wife experienced her first problems with sex early in our marriage. The resulting disharmony caused many problems with our relationship both within and outside the bedroom. I have now restored, that is grown a substitute foreskin, which goes someway to restoring part of what was taken from me.

It was not until I was approaching my 60th year that I learn`t about the full anatomy of the penis and the design of its nervous system and developed an understanding of what circumcision does to a man and also to his partner. It basically amputates the part that provides the pre-orgasmic pleasure of sex turning the man into a `thruster` without sensitivity and feeling until just before the point of orgasm, making his partner sore and bruised.

The foreskin is a vital part of the penis which protects the glans, keeps it warm and moist, stops it becoming toughened and calloused [keratinized] as a result of constant abrasion on underwear and bed sheets and loosing most of its capacity to feel the normal sensations during intercourse.

The foreskin can be thought of as being in two parts: the outer foreskin is more or less an extension of the skin that covers the shaft of the penis whereas the inner foreskin is mucosal tissue and contains many of the specialized nerves that give pleasure during intercourse. The inner foreskin is a different color and when withdrawn over the shaft, as it is during intercourse, it covers between 30 and 90% of the penis. When considering the inner and outer foreskin it comprises approximately 90% of the skin of the penis and is a lot to have cut off.

The part of it that is most densely packed with erogenous nerves is the end, the point at which the outer foreskin folds and changes into the inner mucosal foreskin. This end part is called the ridge band and contains in excess of 20,000 highly erogenous nerves. The nerves packed into the total foreskin make any movement within the vagina pleasurable and thus make the man want to repeat them, hence determining the way he moves within the vagina - These movements provide the rhythm that the typical woman responds to and which lead to her orgasm. Without a foreskin the man feels little and has to thrust hard for long periods with long strokes in order to reach his orgasm. In other words he becomes an `internal bruiser`.

There isn`t really the space to go into any more details but if you are interested to read more on why the foreskin is important and the mechanics of sex there is a good description in `peaceful parenting` on and a medical paper published in the British Journal or Urology describes other benefits of the foreskin Yet another landmark piece of research which has largely been ignored regarding the erogenous make up of the foreskin can be viewed on I encourage readers to read source material as well as reading what people like myself and Ron Low say on the subject. I would also draw your attention to an open access yet comprehensive library of medical research papers regarding all aspects of the penis and circumcision on

In conclusion I would like to congratulate Peaceful Parenting on presenting a subject that most people do but are too embarrassed to talk about.

Laurie Milner (UK) Independent Researcher into the role, function and health of the foreskin.