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Published:December 19th, 2009 13:22 EST
Church of Satan Response to Pantheism Article

Church of Satan Response to Pantheism Article

By SOP newswire2

Please note the following:

Satanism and the Christian heresy of Devil Worship are not the same things.

Satanism is a modern religion codified in 1966 by Anton LaVey upon the creation of the first and only legitimate Church of Satan
The Satanic Bible provides the tenets of Satanism, and newer works continue the Satanic canon:

The Satanic Rituals/LaVey
The Satanic Witch/LaVey
The Church of Satan/Barton
The Secret Life of a Satanist/Barton
The Devil`s Notebook/LaVey
Satan Speaks/LaVey
The Satanic Scriptures/Gilmore

Church of Satan members consider devil worshipers to be simply another Christian sect, as they share Biblical beliefs That Satanists believe are more akin to Mother Goose than anything based in reality.

In this day and age there is no excuse for ignorance about a legally recognized religion like Satanism.  Our works are sold in all major bookstores, and there is no shortage online of genuine Satanic sites:

Thank you,
Magistra, Church of Satanism