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Published:January 3rd, 2010 17:16 EST
Existing Conflicts by the Terrorists of the So-called "Radical Islam"

Existing Conflicts by the Terrorists of the So-called "Radical Islam"

By SOP newswire2

I think the author Mr. Pat,  America Held hostage in 2010 has misunderstood many root causes of the existing conflicts by the terrorists of the so-called "radical Islam".


1- Terrorism is against Islam, which is a religion of peace. If any groups are making terrorism under the name "Islam", they should stop backing their criminal activities by the name "Islam",  otherwise the world will continue to misunderstand Islam, although its book The Holy Koran is clear in its principles that it is a religion of peace, love, justice, brotherhood, cooperation, respect for truth, knowledge, beauty and the other religions of God. The Koran clearly states: "The best Jihad is by education".


2- Why then are these groups holding "America" hostage by their terrorist activities? Mr. Pat says that the enemy is not a "country". He is right, the enemy is the military-industrial complex of many countries. When journalists ask these terrorists, they answer that the reason is America`s aggression and interest of war for the benefit of the weapon industries and the allied industries which cater the military. Indeed America (the U.S. that is) declared war on Iraq, with a claim that Iraq had Mass Destruction weapons, against the protest of the U.N. After the Americans entered Iraq, they couldn`t find mass destruction weapons. (Although many countries have mass destruction weapons and nobody is declaring war on them. Is this justice?)


These terrorists also complain about the American aggression on the third world and the ambition of the U.S. to play the role of the "police" for the entire world and for the unjust ambition to control the world for own interests.

In my opinion, these terrorists are committing crimes and must be legally punished. But, hasn`t the U.S. committed a crime by making war in Iraq, by a false pretense that Iraq had mass destruction weapons, which could not be found later? Shouldn`t the U.S also be punished legally? Perhaps America has made itself a "hostage".

SOP Reader

Response to SOP Reader on Islam I am not confused as to what Islam`s position on terrorism is. If you ask me if Islam is a religion of peace I will answer that