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Published:January 11th, 2010 10:06 EST
Is Satan real...are you certain?

Is Satan real...are you certain?

By SOP newswire2

Hell: The Lake That Burns

As a former member in a large mainstream Christian denomination, I have had firsthand experience in participating in prayer in order to limit the evil that was believed to come from Satan. I have heard many stories and seen many believers engage in activities which are intended to stop the perceived advance of an evil force on their own life or on another person`s life. Although I had been in a teaching role for many years and a part of many leadership teams performing lay-ministry within the context of North American Christianity.

To put it delicately, I eventually began to recognize inconsistencies in the theology of the most populous faith culture in the Western World. As I began to remove myself from institutionalized religion and question on a deeper level the concepts and doctrines taught in Christianity, I found that this religion has accepted a concept of Satan which is not found in the Scriptures that were used by the Messiah and his first century followers. Over the past seven years, I have been able to research just who and what Satan is and where the concept of an evil arch-enemy of the Creator came from.

The findings have been stunning. And history, scripture, and logic are all unanimous on the fact that there is no Satan. Saying there is no Satan; is to say there is no cosmic being that functions either autonomously or in a subjective capacity, to thwart the will of God. Many who think themselves to be believers will disengage at this point because they are convinced there is a Satan. However, I ask that you spend a few moments considering the idea of a God-created entity, who left the perfection of heaven, and now tries to thwart the plans of the One God in hopes to drag souls to hell where they will supposedly be tortured for a conscious eternity. Or will end up himself in an eternal lake of fire. 

I would like to introduce to you today a book titled, Satan, Christianity`s Other God. This book has been thoroughly researched and years in the making in order to conclusively display that Satan has become another God in religion and is a fabricated being, borrowed from ancient mythology. A belief in a cosmic Satan was not part of the theology of the Messiah, his apostles, or any of the patriarchs of the faith. It was not until the Israelites left Persia about 600 years before Christ arrived, that the idea of another God who is responsible for evil began to take shape. The Jews who were in exile previously had a completely monotheistic faith, the faith of the Messiah. 

I have been able to teach this concept to numbers of people who have embraced the idea that there is no other supernatural being in existence. The experience has been, that those who openly consider the possibility of Satan not existing realize, to believe there exists any other being with supernatural powers similar to the God of the Universe, is to have a dualistic, two-God belief. Not dissimilar to ancient Zoroastrianism, the parent religion of the present Satan focused Christianity. Zoroastrianism shared a belief system that claims there is an entity responsible for evil and is like God in many ways. Such a belief system goes against the very nature of Yahweh and His claim that postulates He is sovereign and there is none like Him. 

I am simply a Firefighter from Saskatoon who holds no position in the theological community and has been kicked out of churches for challenging the traditional beliefs and doctrines. I once defended the fact "that Satan was real until a friend posed a few questions that made me look at the idea of Satan a little more deeply. Today I am asking of you, to consider exploring this work and take some time to follow the path of history, literature, and biblical interpretation that leads back to a time when there was no second-lesser god in the belief system of the Hebrews. An investigation into the word sawtawn quickly reveals the name Satan was never intended by this word. I am asking with all due respect, that you not only consider the book Satan Christianity`s Other God as a resource on this topic but that you seek out the many other resources that show the origins of the idea of Satan for what they are. 

Please look at 1 Chronicles 21 and 2 Samuel 24 to find a conundrum that I believe can be answered. In those two parallel passages, we see in one God is named as the inciter of David while the other shows Satan is the inciter of David. This is the same story but the English text claims two different sources as the cause of David`s actions. Satan Christianity`s Other God deals with this apparent contradiction and virtually every other question about Satan in the Scriptures that Christian doctrine brings to mind.

Volume 2 of Satan Christianity`s Other God is to be released soon and I encourage you to call, write, or check out the online content on the web site for more information on the book. 

James R. Brayshaw