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Published:January 11th, 2010 09:44 EST
Response to "Darker Side of the Writings of Islam"

Response to "Darker Side of the Writings of Islam"

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)  

The book of Islam is The Holy Koran which has all the necessary evidence in it. The Koran has been delivered with substantial miracles of God and is the cornerstone of the Islam religion and Mohammed is the Prophet of Islam religion.

Koran, the book of Islam religion, recognizes Jesus and the Christianity and the New Testament and Moses and the Judaism and the Old Testament as well as the other prophets of God on equal basis and tells the Muslims: "Your first duty as a Muslim, is to protect the books we sent, before The Koran, as much as you have them on hand."

On the other hand, Barnaba`s Bible (at the Louvre and Vatican) clearly indicates that Jesus said to people: "The savior after me, will be named Ahmed" (meaning Mohammed.)

The Vatican accepts Islam as the God`s legitimate religion and Mohammed as its legitimate prophet. His Holiness The Pope Benedictus went to Istanbul, Turkey two years ago and prayed in a mosque, which is an evidence of that. Many Christian priests read the Holy Koran too. It was a Christian priest who have first detected Mohammed "as the future prophet", as many historic writings denote.

All accusations against the Islam religion, or The Holy Koran or Prophet Mohammed are ungrounded. The reason for these ungrounded and untrue and sarcastic and idiotic accusations are either a result of ignorance or intentions to agitate and anger the Muslims (only uneducated Muslims would be angry at them, not those Muslims who have read the Koran and know their religion) to cause conflicts and wars to benefit the weapon industry; or are stupid ways to try to gain adherents for Christianity, which needs no such idiotic "marketing" as The Bible, like The Koran, is a beautiful book of guidance for the believers of God. Or they are made to make tellers tellers "known" .

From this perspective, I classify the `s above article as "rubbish". Such ignorant and idiotic accusations do aggravate the equally ignorant counterparts and cause "terrorism".
Askin Ozcan
Author of SMALL MIRACLES  and writer/mentor at