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Published:February 8th, 2010 21:10 EST
Hell Behind Prison Walls

The Real World of Prison, Crime and Justice

By SOP newswire2

A story that needs to be told
By author John J. Pecchio
This letter will inform the mind and startle the soul. You will read how crime and punishment in this country is out of control.

My books Hell Behind Prison Walls and The Devil`s Den of Prison and Justice are true compelling and gripping stories taken from my personal thoughts and experiences of working in a prison system for almost three-decades. 

My Website is a good informational tool on prisons and justice. You can click on my miscellaneous icon that will take you into my books, newspaper articles and guestbook entries, on what people say about my regional best selling books, and our justice system.
Do not overlook the {audio video commercial} to the rights that will show the type of criminals I worked with and how they act and look in today`s prisons "

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When prisons were in command prisoners could look forward to being productive in life.

But after several decades of prison bureaucrats experimenting with new reform methods they ended up taking a well run prison system and turned it into a Nightmare of Hell and a Playground for Criminal`s Rights.

There is no prison reform methods left that will cure the lack of administrative and prisoner discipline, or stop how prisons have become so contaminated with flaws, imbedded with unthinking unknowing or corrupted officials and political bureaucrats? 

it send chills up and down your spine, when you are forced to move daily  between freedom and captivity while walking a delicate line between administrative politics and the threat of inmate violence.

The lockup system in these new high-tech all solitary confinement prisons, have turned most convicts into psychopathic monsters, acting like prehistoric man existing all over again "
My prison career was coming to an end and I was looking forward to my retirement when what I always expected would happen did happen. One morning in my shop, without security present, I was brutally attacked by a serial killer serving two life terms for several senseless killings. He showed no remorse in society nor did he in prison. He should have received the death penalty, but lawmakers and prison officials choose to protect this criminal`s rights at taxpayers` expense "
Gang wars are taking over our society like butter melting over a hot stove. Approximately eighty-percent of thugs and gangsters control prison compounds and are career criminals, which come from the ghettos of our society. 

Eventually, the old gang members from the streets will be incarcerated for new crimes, and meet up with old gang members already imprisoned. Together they will bond once again, to continue dealing in contraband and committing more crimes in prisons. 

Taxpayers are living in hard times to support their families and keep their jobs. But this merry-go-round of political justice to protect criminal`s rights while they keep violated the rights of other is un-constitutional "

In today`s society we have too many repeat-felons being released from prisons without being fully disciplined or rehabilitated.  That is why repeat felons along with illegal-immigrants are committing most of the crimes in the United States.

Lawmakers for years cannot locate approximately twelve-million illegal immigrants crossing the borders into this country. The new programs they are offering is to trick illegal immigrant out of hiding, by providing full amnesty, and give them entry permit into this country, along with healthcare benefits, at taxpayers` expense. This is not going to help reduce the deficit and crime rates in this country. 

Federal Lawmakers recognize that prison spending is out of control. They keep pressuring the local government and prison officials, to set up a program that will reduce prison overcrowding and release thousands of criminals that have not completed their sentences or been fully reformed.
For example, in California they have approximately 33-prisons that are filled with about 153-thousand criminals, and most of them are murderers, rapist, pedophiles, and drug-pushers and mentally unstable inmates living off the taxpayers.

But why are lawmakers demanding that 55-thousand criminals from the California Correctional Facilities, be released within 3-years. When most of them are career criminals and will return back to prisons committing the same crimes?

Taxpayers` will be paying over $5,000 dollars a years to keep one-criminal on parole. Not to mention, the cost of law-enforcement officers chasing down the same felon(s) and again, will be putting them through our Judicial System at taxpayers` expense.

The present California Governor is now trying to make lawmakers reconsider their options of releasing prisoners because of the recidivism rate, which is more then seventy-nine percent returning in one to three-years.

The three major problem that criminals have when incarcerated is to get   revenge, continue dealing in contraband. And hate correctional officers because they remind them of the police officers on the streets.

Prison Officials; know that repeat felons get more violent and evil-minded because they are surrounded, daily, by the same type of criminals they have become.

You cannot reform criminals without re-socializing them first. And that`s why rehabilitation and prison reform have become just words to keep the taxpayer`s money flowing into these institutions.

In Mexico, the crime rates are high, and that breeds a lot of corruption in their society, including law-enforcement officials. They now have the highest kidnapping rate in the world. When these Mexicans and millions of other illegal immigrants keep pouring over the boarders into our county, crime rates keep increasing. Phoenix Arizona now has the second highest kidnapping rate in the world.

The federal panel of lawmakers within our government has created a stimulus package to help the American taxpayers that are out of work and many have to foreclose on their homes.
The sad situations within our government is taking chances on stimulus packages while the supporting the highest deficit in the history of this country?

How can our children and grandchildren paying for all this and keep up with government experiments and their political adventures without jobs?

Prison spending is out of control. And the Unites States has the highest incarceration rate in the world.

When I hear how local governors, of each state, keeps on playing politics with the federal government in hopes they can reduce prison spending by reducing prison population, closing prisons, and reducing prison staff. This type of thinking is hypercritical and appalling to the security of prisons and society. 

Hello out there my fellow American, don`t walk to the employment office run, before some lawmakers pass a new law to allow illegal immigrants to collect unemployment "
Prison officials cannot afford or keep release dangerous prisoners frivolously. Our criminal justice system was developed by lawmakers to pass laws to put these criminals behind bars and keep society safe.

You can now read how federal and state prisons have deteriorated to their worst condition in the history of these institutions. They have changed from being run with dignity and strong security into a hellish nightmare where corruption is the norm.

With the loss of positive leadership in our prisons came the increase of prisoner`s power, primarily caused by their ability to hide behind highly-defended Civil Rights ", which has now taken precedence above all else. These rights allowed them to live without fear of strong retribution for their actions, thereby leading to a breakdown in inmate behavior and resulting in riots, fights, and physical and verbal abuse of prison workers.