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Published:February 9th, 2010 18:14 EST
amanda knox

Amanda Knox is Innocent

By SOP newswire2

Compare the Two International Cases


Amanda Knox had nothing to do with Meredith`s death and the prosecutor did, in fact, he went out of his way to frame her. 

And those of us who advocate for her have volumes of knowledge about the Italian judicial system including its inherent conflicts of interest.

Item:  The prosecutor runs the investigation; his compensation is based on successful prosecutions.  How can you expect a fair and unbiased investigation if his sole purpose is to prove his own theory is right?  In this case the prosecutor is demonstrably corrupt and has been convicted of abuse of power. 

Item: In this country the judge is in charge of making sure the law is followed.  The jury`s responsibility is to determine the truth.  Including a discussion of the veracity of evidence and discussing whom they believe and whom they do not.  There are valid reasons for having these responsibilities entirely separate.  In Italy having the judge (and prosecutor`s buddy) not just sit on the jury, but in fact, direct its deliberations is a gross conflict of interest. 

In this trial it was repeatedly observed that jurors dozed off especially during defense cross-examinations.  In this country jury members are not allowed to sleep.  The judge makes sure everyone is listening to everything.  And may even declare a recess so we can walk around and wake up.  Testimony stopped when a juror was asleep. 

Having a jury made up of judges is the antithesis of a jury of peers, something our founding fathers were adamant about because of abuses that they endured in the countries they fled from.

The right to a speedy trial is not a concept in Italy either.  They meet two (or 3?) days a week, The trial is suspended for the entire summer.  The trial is suspended for 90 days for the prosecutor to prepare his closing argument.  The jury has 90 days to get around to explaining why they did what they did.  All of this adds up to a long incarceration whether or not the accused person is guilty.  Sure you can get a few appeals but by then you`ve already been in jail for years. 

Juries are not sequestered and it is not unusual that the real trial takes place in the tabloids long before the actual trial takes place. And all this bogus information is available to all jury members. 

Specifically, in this case, everyone is afraid of the prosecutor because he puts people in jail if they say anything about him.  He has even filed charges against the lawyers who defended Amanda and Raphael. 

I personally have received confidential opinions from Italians who make me promise not to reveal where I heard it.  They are afraid of Mignini.

You need to know more about a case before you express an opinion.

As to Carlo Parlanti, I cannot express an opinion because I know as little about his case as you do about Amanda`s.  However, if there is a miscarriage of justice, there should be those who are fighting for him.  Our goal for Amanda is to keep her plight visible for as long as it takes to get her home.

Perhaps you need to gather support for Carlo, keep his name in the spotlight and for heaven`s sake get him a good lawyer.  Why isn`t your country working on this travesty instead of taking it out on a poor college kid?

And, FYI, no one here thinks Raffaelle is poor.  We all know his dad is a respected doctor and his lawyer a high profile attorney.  Raffaelle is collateral damage because Mignini couldn`t railroad Amanda without the link with Raffaelle.


Loretta Pirozzi,

Naples, Brooklyn, Seattle