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Published:March 10th, 2010 09:38 EST
As a Jew Ms. Piazza, did you ever think?

As a Jew Ms. Piazza, did you ever think?

By SOP newswire2


European Islam-bashing: The New Anti-Semitism?

As a Jew Ms. Piazza, did you ever think that the reason these people are anti-Islamic is because of how heinous, barbaric and terrifying this religion is?  People have been slamming Judaism and Jews for centuries.  Do they need 24 hour protection from us?  The reason for the State of Israel is the rest of the world clearly didn`t want anything to do with us.

Now these religious thugs are threatening the one place in world where we shouldn`t have to worry about another attempt at our extermination and you have the temerity to defend them.  Perhaps we should force you to wear what is tantamount to a shroud and see how liberated you feel.

These people have in their own book a sworn declaration to eradicate us from existence and you`re wondering why people are afraid of the Koran.

People are not picking a fight with Islam.  They`re fighting back because Islam has picked a fight with us and you`re standing there slack-jawed and wondering why this is happening.  Are you that blind or just willfully ignorant?  Please Judyth. Open your eyes before your head ends up on the chopping block too.
In Messiah
Darryl Weinberg
Light of Messiah Ministries International

Dear Darryl,


I did not personally write the article that you are referring to and I applaud your passion. 


I am Italian and Catholic, however, several of my closest friends are Muslim.  I have read the Quran and I understand it as well as the Bible, including the Old Testament.  The problem that the world is facing is we now live in a world where there are Christian radicals shooting doctors in the name of God, Jewish radicals committing kidnappings and torturing in the name of God, and Muslims posting beheadings on Youtube in the name of God.  And let`s not forget my personal favorite, Priests committing rape under the Cloak of God.  It seems that there is no one left watching the to speak.  So, with the SOP what I have always tried to do is provide a place where everyone has their say and let the world majority decide what is right and wrong. 


Judyth Piazza