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Published:March 10th, 2010 09:29 EST
Homosexuality is damaging to the fabric of society

Homosexuality is damaging to the fabric of society

By SOP newswire2

I have recently read your article on Homosexuality, and while I admire your professionalism, I must disagree.  I will go through the points made in your article, and provide my input on them.  Before you begin, may I suggest that you keep an open mind and remember that I am not attempting to attack you, just attempting to have an intelligent debate.


1. Homosexuality is damaging to the fabric of society, especially children.

Your notion of medical professionals agreeing that homosexuality is unhealthy is unfounded.  Your justification for this notion is citing a biased site that displays a book written by one man.  This is hardly a consensus of medical professionals.  As for children being "corrupted", there is also no justification for this, seeing as there has been no recent credible study (credible being completely unbiased).  Also, the bible, in fact, while condemning homosexuality, has many other thing to say.  In Leviticus, not only does it condemn homosexuality, but it also condemns eating shellfish, eating pork, and getting tattoos.  Paul also occasionally mentions homosexuality, but keep in mind that Paul was a man, not God.  Paul was subject to error, and also thought that women should be barred from clergyhood.  This `"pick and choose" method is how a lot of hatred toward homosexuals has spawned (though I am in no way implying your hatred toward homosexuals).


2. Homosexuality is anti procreation.

Does this mean that we should also condemn infertile people and even people who decide not to marry or not to have children?  You can hardly apply this to homosexuals without applying this to everyone else in society.


3. Homosexuality does not offer the stability of a traditional family.

The first link you provide is invalid.  These studies again only show those that willingly show themselves as homosexual.  Obviously, children of homosexual couples would be more likely to identify themselves as non-heterosexual because homosexuality has not been stigmatized by their parents, instead replacing it with love and acceptance.  Jesus taught love and acceptance of all people, not just the white heterosexual Christian population (again, not making any assumptions about hatred that you possess).  The other study simply proves that removing the father role is bad, with no comparison to lesbian parents, or gay parents.  While it seems that the cause of homosexuality is unclear, that does not mean that homosexuality can be forced upon a person.  Whether the cause is nature or nurture, the arguments I have presented hold water.


4. Homosexuals have a higher chance of infidelity.

Again, you list homosexuality as unnatural and a sin.  Homosexuality is natural, it has persisted through human society and various animal species since we have existed.  Again, see above, there is no basis for homosexuality being a sin.  I must again stress the need for unbiased information.  Your info comes from a site against gay marriage, that doesn`t cite sources of the point you provided, eliminating this particular argument.


5. Homosexuals have a shortened lifespan.

Do you wonder why? They are persecuted everywhere, sustaining verbal abuse, physical abuse, and sometimes being killed.  Some even take their own lives because they a faced with a world that hates them for something they can`t control.  Before you say that yes, in fact, it can be controlled, let`s think.  Homosexuality being a choice is irrational, seeing as they are persecuted endlessly.  Who in their right mind would actually want to be homosexual?  Gay converters have never actually been successful in turning homosexuals heterosexual.  The only thing they have accomplished is either convincing them to be chaste, or scaring them into hiding their sexuality.  This abusive practice can hardly be considered "therapy".


6. Homosexuals have a much higher incidence rate of domestic violence.

I`m sorry if I sound repetitive, but again, biased sources lead to invalid arguments. Your "research" seems to stem only from homophobic sites. You also cannot trust the Chinese with any homosexuality topics, seeing as they lined up and shot all of the homosexuals they could find, then reported it "nonexistent".


7. Homosexuals have a much higher rate of molestation than Heterosexuals.

Seriously?  Not only did you use Free Republic, but you also used many biased studies from the 80`s.  Update.


8. Homosexuality is not condoned in the Bible.

See above.


9. Homosexuals want to redefine marriage, changing the uniqueness of heterosexual marriage.

Homosexuals simply want equality.  There is no one forcing the church to marry homosexual couples, in fact, some churches already bless homosexual couples in marriage, though it is not recognized by the law.  All that homosexuals want is the LEGAL rights to marriage.  This invalidates any Biblical arguments (seeing as we have freedom of religion and do not live in a theocracy) and seeing as anyone, including death row inmates and Britney Spears with her 55-hour "just for fun" marriage, can marry legally, why should homosexuals be denied the legal standings of marriage?


10. Homosexual marriages could lead to other "unnatural" unions.

Animals cannot give consent to marry, invalidating the bestiality argument.  And 55 year old men marrying 10 year old girls is in fact legal now, as long as the parents give consent to the marriage.  Incestuous marriage is also legal in a few states, and I in fact see nothing inherently wrong with it as long as the couple do not procreate, seeing as this results in an abundance of deformed and diseased children.


11. Homosexual marriage is not a "right".

Then what is it, exactly?  Is it not defined in the three unalienable rights of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"?  What makes heterosexuals so special in why they should get this and homosexuals should not?  And again, with the gay converting.  You can in fact argue that you can change your race, seeing as plastic surgery has progressed so far as being able to change skin hue.  And why should gays be forced to convert?  There is no evidence that states that homosexuality is changeable, or even wrong.


12. Homosexual relationships are dangerously unhealthy.

So are heterosexual relationships.  Sex is dangerous no matter what your sexual orientation is.  You can contract the same STI`s through vaginal intercourse as you can through anal intercourse.  Again, being "unnatural" is irrelevant, seeing as homosexuality naturally occurs in the population, but things such as air conditioning, polyester, and motor vehicles do not.


13. God did not intend for same sex relationships to exist?

Then why do they?  Everything serves its purpose, from disease, to natural disasters, to murder.  God orchestrates this all, and seeing as God is all-powerful, He could eliminate homosexuality with the blink of an eye.  However, this violates our free will, and therefore cannot happen. The "Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" argument is simply logic.  Just because God did not tell us to do something, does not mean that we should not do it.  For instance, there is no passage in the Bible that commands man to use computers.  However, man has, does, and will use computers.  Just because God did not give Adam and Eve a computer does not mean that it is immoral and an abomination.


14. Homosexuality is not genetic.

This subject has not been proved one way or another yet, so cannot be used at this time.  However, even if it were not genetic, that does not mean that it is controllable.  Just as being Democratic or Republican is not genetic, people cannot change the way they think by simply willing themselves to think that way.  In this paradigm, I could will myself to understand quantum physics or lack emotion, however, as this does not work, I am still left with no understanding of quantum physics and retain my emotions.


15. Homosexuals should not be given the benefit of marriage.

Why is it so wrong to be homosexual?  Please see above.


Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts on your article.  I would appreciate a response, as if you can eliminate my arguments; I see no reason why homosexuality is right.  Again, thanks and God`s blessings.


Best wishes,


Craig Schofield