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Published:May 6th, 2010 14:44 EST
A Positive Approach About God`s Act

A Positive Approach About God`s Act

By SOP newswire2

Response to Guru Claims He Can Kill Anyone Using Only His Mental Powers

Whosoever remains within His Command (Let us take to His Sanctuary and obey Him (Accept your righteous actions including negatively passed a part of life i.e. within the command of God), and be happy with whatever He does.), never repent or feel sad, always be satisfied.

As I understood His command (God`s Act) and always consoled so.

Mental Capacity to Resolve and to Dance on Tune, Bestowed By God.

That, whatever, we do and perceive, there were and are the plays assigned to us by God, nothing was more or less than this to my own perception in human life.

The limitations of the mental capacity made me to finally understand this to my satisfaction.

I did resolve and dance on HIS tune as per the capacity, bestowed by HIM.

It is not a question of my victory or failure, but, everything is known to HIM.

In case, the science or the time proves me wrong, henceforth, it should be known as my failure, not of God.
Whatever, I said, it is very much true to me, experienced based on my personal as well as joint family life from my childhood ".

I learned and experienced nothing new as Baba Nanak already concluded and said, "By obeying, O Nanak! The pre-ordained order of the Lord of will. "All are subject to His fiat and none is exempt from His fiat. O Nanak! if man were to understand Lord`s fiat, then no one would take pride."

In the context above, we have to obey Baba Nanak, if thou yearnest to play the game of love (truth), step on to my path, with thy head placed on palm of thy hand."

By Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana;;;