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Published:May 20th, 2010 10:30 EST
Okinawans are Feeling Like They are Sitting At The Kids Table

Okinawans are Feeling Like They are Sitting At The Kids Table

By SOP newswire2


Futenma Comes Full Circle

Dear Geoff Dean,

Thank you for your well written article.

I can`t help but see that the Okinawans are feeling like they are sitting at the kids table and their voice is not really being taken seriously by anyone.

Including the press.

I keep hearing again and again that Hatoyama has made his administration look foolish and amaturish on the world stage.

Really, does anyone who watches world politics seriously ever think that Japan`s politicians act in a professional or even competent manner.  Please.

I don`t hear many Okinawans calling for Hatoyama`s neck here in Okinawa.  Those cries are from the LDP and mainland Japanese.  Worried about their image on the world stage?  This is so much more than a public image crisis here in Okinawa.  It`s real.

I suggest bloggers and reporters come to Okinawa and talk to Okinawans first hand.  Come join us at the kids table.  The diggs are much healthier anyway.

Ken Nakamura-Huber