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Published:May 27th, 2010 10:28 EST
2012: The Sun Appears to Pass Through the Galactic Centre

2012: The Sun Appears to Pass Through the Galactic Centre

By SOP newswire2


Four times in every precessional cycle there is a period of almost 40 years during which the Sun appears to pass through Galactic Centre from our point of view on Earth during an equinox or solstice.

During the first period, at the end of an old precessional cycle and beginning of a new one, this apparent passage through Galactic Centre occurs during every northern hemisphere (NH) winter solstice. We are going through such a period now.

During the second period, a quarter of the way through a precessional cycle, it occurs during every NH spring equinox. During the third period, halfway through a precessional cycle, it occurs during every NH summer solstice. During the fourth period, three quarters of the way through a precessional cycle, it occurs during every NH fall equinox.

On one of those solstices or equinoxes, the stars behind it in our field of vision will be either the Sagittarius-Scorpio nexus (the beginning of Scorpio), or the Gemini-Taurus nexus (the beginning of Taurus). When this happens, the event is called a Great Celestial Conjunction (GCC). There are only four GCCs in a precessional cycle.

The first GCC occurs during the first period, the changeover from an old to a new precessional cycle, when the Sun appears to pass through Galactic Centre on a NH winter solstice at the beginning of Scorpio. This happens at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

The second GCC happens during the second period, when the Sun appears to pass through Galactic Centre on a NH spring equinox at the beginning of Taurus. This happens at the beginning of the Age of Scorpio.

The third GCC occurs during the third period, when the Sun appears to pass through Galactic Centre on a NH summer solstice at the beginning of Scorpio. This happens at the beginning of the Age of Leo.

The fourth GCC occurs during the fourth period, when the Sun appears to pass through Galactic Centre on a NH fall equinox at the beginning of Taurus. This happens at the beginning of the Age of Taurus.  

The point of conjunction during the first and third (solstice) GCCs "where the Sun, beginning of Scorpio and Galactic Centre align " is called the Golden Gate. The point of conjunction during the second and fourth (equinox) GCCs "where the Sun, beginning of Taurus and Galactic Centre align " is called the Silver Gate.

In our current precessional cycle the first GCC (Gold) occurred on the NH winter solstice of 23,908 BC, the second GCC (Silver) occurred on the NH spring equinox of 17,428 BC, the third (Gold) occurred on the NH summer solstice of 10,948 BC, and the fourth (Silver) occurred on the NH fall equinox of 4468 BC. The first GCC (Gold) of a new precessional cycle will occur on the NH winter solstice of 2012 AD.


The ancient Egyptians considered the ankh to be a key. They believed that the soul must take with it on its journey after death an ankh key to the Golden Gate and an ankh key to the Silver Gate, because they believed that the soul departed this world via the Golden Gate and re-entered it to be incarnated again via the Silver Gate.

I don`t believe this is what happens to the soul after death, because the Silver Gate and Golden Gate are located in time and space, but the ancient Egyptians believed it "since they were still living with the reality of what had happened as recently as 4468 BC when the Silver Gate had opened. And I`m sure that the Vatican does not believe this is what happens to the soul after death, but the gates to the Silver Gate and Golden Gate figure prominently upon its coat of arms "since the Vatican also knows what happened in 4468 BC.

In ancient Egyptian art, the Golden Gate was represented by Scorpio or by its substitute, a scarab beetle, and the Silver Gate was represented by the horns of Taurus. The Sun was depicted between the scarab`s tentacles and between the bull`s horns. 

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In the bas-relief on the previous page, the scarab and the bull represent the Golden Gate and Silver Gate where the Sun crosses Galactic Centre during GCCs. The scarab and the bull are in boats because the Sun has to pass through the Galactic centre of the Milky Way, seen as a river in the sky.

The Golden Gate and Silver Gate are portals which open on four occasions during every precessional cycle. Those four occasions are the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, the beginning of the Age of Scorpio, the beginning of the Age of Leo, and the beginning of the age of Taurus.  

The Age of  Aquarius will begin at spring equinox 2012 when the sun rises in front of the first star of the head of Aquarius, which has been incorrectly ascribed to Lepus, often misnamed Pisces. 


Two different groups have visited us by way of the Silver Gate, the Alala people and the Ala people. Since the "l` is interchangeable with "n`, they can also be called the Anana people and the Ana people. An "i` indicates plurality, so they are the Alali and the Ali, or Anani and Ani, often written as the Alalu and Alu, or Ananu and Anu. I will call them the Alali and Ali.  

These people exist in more dimensions of time than ourselves. I will describe only what

their history has been in the world as we understand it. They are humanoid and reproductive, though less fertile than humans. They drink a liquid which prevents aging, but can be killed

by violence. The governing council of the Alali is called the Tsaba. Both the Alali and the

Ali are subject to a higher authority, which I will refer to as The One, who is responsible

for the gene pool which exists on the home planets of both groups, as well as on Earth. 

The emblem of the Alali is a pair of serpents. The emblem of the Ali is a bird of prey. If you look behind the Sun at the top of the bas relief on the previous page, you will see two serpents representing the Alali and two bird wings representing the Ali. The Alali and the Ali are remembered as people from the sky. The Alali are the small ones, the Ali are the large ones. They may have arrived on Earth by travelling through two giant rainbow coloured conduits which are controlled by The One. 

The Alali arrived first, and became seafarers. They were joined by Ali, who became land dwellers, but soon the flying ships of the Ali dominated the skies. The Alali specialize in genetic science, and their symbol is an open DNA spiral, but the Ali specialize in atomic science, and an atomic "sun` often stands in for their bird emblem.  

After a period of rivalry on Earth the Ali colonists defeated the Alali colonists in a great war. The Alali colonists remained on Earth, but lived inside mountains, avoiding the Ali colonists and travelling through tunnels which were like small versions of The One`s conduits. 

The Leader of the Alali was IE, who is half Ali and half Alali, an artificially created instrument for peace between the two groups. He had arrived on Earth with the Ali, and had created Adamite humans for them using an Alala slave as a model. The Adamite humans were to be less intelligent, more docile workers than the Alali, who had rebelled.  

But IE improved upon His creations. For this transgression the Ali banished Him, and He went to live with the Alali rebels. The Alali have a matriarchal society and the Ali have a patriarchal society. IE represents a compromise between the two, and His emblem is a winged serpent or a caduceus. 

Taru took IE before The One. It was decided that each one of IE`s humans would be permitted to take what was hanging on the second tree only upon certain conditions. Taru demanded a blood sacrifice, and IE`s Heru was to pay it. IE was not to give any human the liquid which prevents aging, or anything containing its chemical compound, except for His Heru. Also, one incarnation of each human receiving what was hanging on the second tree had to achieve a certain level of morality and had to acknowledge debt to IE and to IE`s Heru. In addition, IE had to relinquish guidance of the human population during a precessional age which had previously been reserved for Him.  

IE`s son led a cohort of renegades who integrated with an early branch of Adamites. The result was so bad that they were exiled from the Ali colony, and The One ordered a Deluge

to exterminate the results. The Deluge was delivered by one of the giant rainbow coloured conduits.  

IE ensured the survival of some humans from a later branch of Adamites, but they also

were the result of integration. In spite of this, The One allowed these Noahite humans to

live, and even went so far as to promise that next time the Earth was purified their descendants would be spared. The Ali colonists were ordered away from the planet. They

left in their flying ships, and IE left with them. After all, He was still half Ali. He had been exiled only from the colony, not from the Ali`s home planet. 

The renegades from the Ali colonists, who had escaped the Deluge in their own flying ships, returned to Earth. Their aviators were called Aria. A related group seem to have been scuba divers. They were called Namu, and their leaders were called Danu. They were more human than Ala, and many Arian humans are descended from them. 

With the arrival of the most recent precessional Age of Taurus, Taru and his Ali colonists arrived again on Earth. With the Age of Aries which followed, the renegades forced them to leave in their flying ships. The renegades proceeded to rule Earth, but as the Age of Aries progressed humans became dominant. They hunted and killed anyone over eight feet tall, and before the Age of Lepus dawned the Aria and all their larger descendants were in hiding. They have integrated with many human groups, and they share their advanced technology with these groups in return for support during their stay on Earth. 

Below is a photograph of a relief from Angkor Wat. The One is depicted at Galactic Centre on the NH winter solstice in 2012 AD, in the middle of a cross created by the Milky Way and the ecliptic, and above a tortoise representing Earth with the four compass directions on its back (as indeed I think one species of tortoise does have).

The Ali colonists are tugging on the ecliptic toward your left. Renegades from the Ali colonists are tugging on it to your right. IE is hovering over The One. The Alali are hovering over both the Ali colonists and the renegades from the Ali colonists. 

The Age of Lepus in which we currently live has been sacrificed. It is the age that IE

had to give up, on Taru`s insistence. IE has seen His children suffer during this age for

what He did in the Garden of Eden. It has been a terrible punishment for Him and for us. 

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The Age of Lepus will conclude with the Day of the Lord. This will not be the Day of Judgment. The Day of the Lord is NH winter solstice 2012 AD when humans will be saved from the next purification of the Earth. On that day humans will be picked up by the rainbow coloured conduits, and will be brought to a holding place. The Ali colonists and their renegades will probably go home through one of the conduits. The Alali will probably go home through the other.  

At the holding place, each human will be permitted to choose his or her fate.  

Those who wish to go with the Ali colonists will work for them. The Ali colonists will probably have many representatives. 

Those who wish to go with the Alali will go with them to receive education. 

Those who wish to go with the renegades from the Ali colonists will go with them to receive

a harsher education. They will have nine leaders to choose from. One of these nine leaders

will pose as the leader of the Ali colonists, one will pose as the Heru of IE, and one will

pose as IE. Remember that they will be larger than IE, and larger than the Heru of IE. 

All of these people will eventually die as incarnations or "selves`. 

Those who wish to go with The One will go back to a purified Earth, where the Age of Aquarius will be ruled according to the laws of The One. They also will eventually die. All of these humans who remain on Earth will be incarnated on the Day of Judgment. If they have followed the commandments which were given to the Deluge survivors, they will be allowed

to regularly drink the liquid that prevents aging. They may still die as "selves` through injury. 

It is interesting to note that in the Chinese zodiac the symbol for Aquarius is a dragon. The constellation Scorpio is actually only part of a larger constellation, the Serpent Bearer, which

is shaped like a dragon holding a serpent. The ancient Egyptians called it the Bennu, and it represented "Api-Bau`, meaning "the Chief who comes`. It is really in the constellation of the Serpent Bearer that the GCC occurs, but the scorpion or scarab stands in for the Serpent

Bearer to avoid confusion with the bird emblem of the Ali.  

I have not yet mentioned the last alternative which will be available to humans. 

Those who wish to go with IE will take what was hanging on the second tree that stood in the

Garden of Eden.  

It is not the liquid which prevents aging. That is a chemical compound possessed by everyone in this story except ourselves. If you do not absorb it regularly the aging process will resume. What was hanging on the second tree makes you aware of the eternal life which you already possess. It is a genetic sequence which probably reproduces like a virus until it affects every cell of your body. You need to absorb it only once, and it is transmitted to your offspring.  

Besides achieving a certain level of morality and being properly grateful to IE and to His

Heru, those who wish to go with IE must say His Name. IE`s Name is pronounced "EE-eh`, with a long E and a short E. In the Middle East it was originally written (right to left) as

Your browser may not support display of this image.  to indicate that He had created humans.  

He will improve upon those who go with Him, enabling them to live in three dimensions of time. We currently live in three dimensions of space and only two dimensions of time. We have duration and we have alternatives, but we are not aware of all our incarnations.  

IESOU, the Heru of IE who paid the blood sacrifice demanded by the Ali at the court of The One, was created from the genes of a human named Enoch. This human had served as a

witness against the renegades, and as a reward The One had placed him in IE`s care. (The One may also have made an exception to the previously existing agreement with Taru, and may

have allowed Enoch the liquid which prevents aging.) IESOU is human sized, while any renegade from the Ali is much larger. IE Himself is between the two of them in size.  

Humans who have been improved will recognize each other in their full realization. They will live in a larger world. In that larger world they will be the past, present and future lives of all their incarnations, which they will be able to adjust at will. But I should not express this in the future tense, for on our plane of existence they return, have returned and will return to make improvements, and to persuade more and more humans to choose IE until, in their larger timeframe, we are all with Him, every one. 


What was hanging on the first tree bestows free will, the option to be aware of alternative lifelines. It permits awareness in two dimensions of time, so that we are not motivated by instinct alone.  

What was hanging on the second tree bestows freedom from identification with "selfhood`

(a single incarnation) and from fear of death. That is something which no anti-aging liquid

can ever do.   

The recipient is aware of living on many temporal planes, and of living in past, present and future together on each plane. The memory of one "self` is possessed by every other "self`.

All the "selves` are connected.  

Such a person is a fisher, a surfer of timelines, an agent for IE.  

On each temporal plane of the agent`s experience, within what that agent is, there is a different "self` who has control of what he or she does on each temporal plane, who has control of which alternative timeline is chosen. The agent can seek out one of IE`s children who is in need of help, and can influence various "selves` of that child to live a moral life.  

Each of the agent`s "selves` can keep humans informed about the Day of the Lord, and one of them, the one who experiences that day, can make sure that as many children as possible will enter the conduits on each temporal plane.  

Each child who does not go with IE also has one "self` who experiences the Day of the Lord, and who has a chance to go with IE. Before the day occurs, an agent can influence this particular "self` to fulfil the requirements for going with IE, who needs to harvest only one "self` to make one of His children complete, one "self` from one of that child`s timelines.  

Of course this means that in His larger world He has us all.  

And of course there`s no point in an agent influencing a child`s "self` to choose IE after the Day of the Lord. But an agent can still influence a child`s self to live a moral life and earn the privilege of taking the anti-aging liquid on the Day of Judgement. 

When a child has become complete, he or she is free to stay with loved ones who have not been able to do the same. The completed child is aware of being many "selves` on many temporal planes, but of course the "self` which qualified for completion will stay with loved ones on the Day of the Lord "on the plane of that "self`. The temporal shape of the completed child will include that temporal plane for as long as that "self` continues. 

Does an agent of IE drink the liquid? Certainly, on the Day of Judgement "if the agent`s "self` who goes through that experience has returned to Earth and has behaved well on that temporal plane. But desirable though this is, it is not the big prize. The big prize is not immortality.  

The big prize is eternity.

Source: Shelagh McKenna