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Published:June 3rd, 2010 16:17 EST
International Law Recognizes Only 12 Sea Miles as The National Territorial Waters

International Law Recognizes Only 12 Sea Miles as The National Territorial Waters

By SOP newswire2

I have noticed that on the, Yonatan Frimer has published tasteless cartoons and called the cargo of these vessels as "destined for Hamas" and accused the humanitarian help people for attacking the Israeli forces etc. without knowing anything about the incident, in which 19 members of the humanitarian group were killed by Israeli forces and 60 wounded, in the international waters, some 68 sea miles from the Israeli shore.  See Cartoon:  Gaza Flotilla and what it left in its wake

(International law recognizes only 12 sea miles as the national territorial waters and anything behind that is international waters which renders the Israeli intervention on the vessels as a crime. This is why the UN has condemned the Israeli assault, as well as over 50 nations whose citizens were involved in this humanitarian movement which carried food and medicines and construction materials only for the people in Gaza who are under Israeli blockade for some strange reason.
1- Turkish Government called the UN Security Council to a very urgent meeting which met and condemned the Israeli Government for its assault on the humanitarian help vessels and ordered a neutral investigation of the incident.

2- Turkish Government warned the Isareli Government to return all members of the humanitarian group to their lands within 24 hours or else military consequences would follow. Israel  obeyed this warning and returned all members.

3- Turkish Government broke her diplomatic relationship with Israel and drew back her Ambassador. Other actions are being planned against Israel.

4- Today, the President of the Humanitarian Help Group who returned from Israeli prison to Turkey told the international media what exactly happened in the boat on the way to Gaza.
  "The boat was in the international waters, on the way to Egypt. It intended to enter Gaza from Egypt. It had nothing to do with Israeli waters. Was completely in the international waters where no government has jurisdiction. Yet, Israeli forces stormed the boat with helicopters, boats, submarines and threw bombs to the boat. Pieces from the bombs wounded members of the humanitarian group. Israeli soldiers shot against the members of the humanitarian group and killed 10, wounded 60.

Members of the humanitarian group managed to take the machine guns of 10 Israeli soldiers, but did not use them against the Israeli soldiers. They threw the guns to the sea."
The rest of the story you can read in the following link from Hurriyet, top Turkish daily. It is in Turkish, but you can translate it by means of a translating program, I am sure:
You can also find plenty of information on the subject at:    (in English)  (based in Florida)   (in Turkish)  (basec in California)
It is not nice to joke based on lies, at a time when people have died or been seriously injured, trying to help suffering people in Gaza. Over 600 people were in the 7 boats from over 50 countries. Group included parliamentary representatives, authors, journalists, doctors, humanitarian help people etc.

The entire world including Israelis seem to have understood the seriousness of the mistake of the Israeli Government which arranged this assault on the humanitarian help vessels and made demonstrations all around the world.
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