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Published:June 7th, 2010 13:04 EST
Armenians Killed Over 80 Turkish Republic Diplomats in Revenge

Armenians Killed Over 80 Turkish Republic Diplomats in Revenge

By SOP newswire2


As all history books and archives of various nations show (including the Armenian, which Armenians do not open with fear that the truth will come out) there was no Armenian Genocide. This myth which did not happen belongs to the Ottoman Empire`s history and has nothing to do with the Turkish Republic which is an entirely separate State.

In 1915 as the Ottomans entered into war with the British, Armenians under the Ottoman Empire started to shoot the Ottoman army from behind. The German general heading the Ottoman army (Germans and Ottomans were partners in WW1) ordered the Armenians be driven to south and away from the war zone. Swedish officers were present as observers in this act and their reports in the Swedish archives clearly show that there was no genocide. Armenians were given a silver coin per day during their flight to the south and children half a silver coin. Due to the hardships en route (the Armenians were driven to Syria, Lebanon and from there they emigrated to France and USA) many Armenians died as well as many in the Ottoman army. There was no genocide.

Ottoman, Russian, Swedish, German archives show this clearly. Armenian archives also shows the same truth, but Armenians, fearing the truth will come out, are not opening their archives.

Armenians killed over 80 Turkish Republic diplomats in revenge of this lie although Turkish Republic has nothing to do with the Ottoman Empire. Ataturk had driven out the Ottoman rulers from Turkey, after the war of independence of the Turkish Republic as the Turkish Republic was established in 1923.