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Published:August 16th, 2010 15:26 EST
Kyron Horman Didn't Leave The School in The White Truck

Kyron Horman Didn't Leave The School in The White Truck

By SOP newswire2

This Very Well May Be `The Last Waltz` For the Kyron Horman Investigation!

Hey there, I liked your Cinderella story, but I think you are missing something. Yes the cops focused on Terri Horman. It was obvious, and Kaine became their pawn. The problem is, it didn`t pan out. All their work only verified her alibi.

The last PC was a joke, they know Kyron didn`t leave the school in the white truck. They don`t care about the white truck anymore. The investigative tool now is to keep the public thinking, and especially about vehicles. They want to identify and account for all the vehicles they can that were around the school that morning in the hopes they can get a description on the one that took Kyron. Why do you think they asked people to call in giving info on their own vehicles? If you parked near Skyline school, they want to ask you-- "Did you notice any other vehicles nearby?"

They are finally looking for a predator.

Of course they could not come out and say that. Could not come out and admit they have been wrong all along, and ruined a woman`s life in the process. That will never happen.

And since these guys have never been up to the task of finding a predator who abducts random children, it`s doubtful this case will ever be solved.

B. Weaver