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Published:September 9th, 2010 10:44 EST
Rev. Jones: You might burn the Book, you will not decimate the Faith!

Rev. Jones: You might burn the Book, you will not decimate the Faith!

By SOP newswire2

Under the United States Constitution, Rev. Terry Jones of the Florida-based Dove World Outreach Center definitely has the legal right to do what he intends to do on September 11: burn copies of Islam`s sacred scripture, the Qur`an. But as a spiritual leader of Christianity - a storied Abrahamic religion on par with Judaism and Islam - does he have the moral right to do so? I`m sure, he has heard the saying, hatred begets hatred and fear instills more fear. And, what happened to love thy enemy?


I cannot believe that Rev. Jones wishes to stand on the same pedestal as those 19 misguided hijackers, who in their sheer anger and blinding rage brought down not only planes but the glory of their faith too, 9 years ago. Does Rev. Jones really think that his faith will remain untouched, unsinged and come out purer from the pyre lit on Qur`an?


I`ve no doubt that Rev. Jones loves his religion dearly, as do we Muslims ours. But does he really think that his paper fire can turn the faith of about 1.66 billion Muslims across the globe, into ashes? He has arrogantly boasted that he has not read the Qur`an itself. Good for him; he need not. But he should read the original texts of the Old and New Testaments, where it is clearly mentioned that down the lineage of sacred prophets among the Children of Abraham, will come a messenger whose followers will carry their Scripture not on paper but in their bosoms!


I doubt if the leader of Dove World Outreach Center has traveled much. Had he, he would have come across 6-8 year old goat-herding shepherds in the Horn of Africa, reciting Qur`an fluently from memory with the greatest ease. To his added horror, he would have discovered that this is the only Scripture on earth that is in the hearts of hundreds of millions of Muslims all across the globe - front to back - in its untainted purity and originality.


As a Muslim, I firmly believe that like Torah and Bible, Qur`an is the Word of God. God has assumed the sole responsibility of its protection and preservation till the Day of Judgment. But, since Rev. Jones does not have any clue what are the contents of this Book, he wouldn`t probably know that this Divine Promise is unequivocally stated in the Qur`an itself. And what better way to preserve it, if not in the hearts of believers, instead of on parchments?   


So Rev. Jones, go ahead and burn as many copies of Qur`an as you want! All you will create is some smoke and a little more carbon dioxide in Gainesville !! 


In retaliation, we will not burn a single Bible: not now, not ever. The learned preacher wouldn`t know why, since he has not read the Qur`an. Here is why. Holding all prophets of God in equal esteem and believing in all Divine Scriptures, is an important article of the Islamic faith, denying which expels one from the bounds of Islam. Amazingly, Jesus and his mother Mary have been mentioned at least 25 times and Moses and his people appear in as many as 50 out of 114 chapters in Qur`an; Mohammed has been mentioned only 4 times.


So, Rev. Jones, does it now make at least a little sense to you that while some misguided and ignorant Muslims might kill and maim civilians and our men and women in uniform and, burn the American flag and effigies, why you have never heard of them ever desecrating, stomping, flushing down the toilet or burning, Bible or Torah? On that single account, Muslims (scoundrels among us included) stand on much higher moral ground than you do!


The sentiments expressed in the Gainesville Sun by the UF professors ( were poignant. A decade ago, I was at UF myself. My son graduated from East Side High School`s IB program. One of my two daughters also attended the IB school there.  My children still have friends - more Christians and Jews than Muslims - in Gainesville.


It is beyond belief that a tiny church in a prestigious University town would stir such a controversy and hurt not only Muslims but every peace-loving Christian and Jew in the world.


It would be interesting to know what this religious arsonist would come up with next. Initiate a strong global campaign by his barely 50-head strong herd to tear the chests of 1.66 billion Muslims to flush out the Qur`an? And what would he use as the weapon of choice? Crusaders` classic swords and spears, unmanned drones or perhaps the caustic tongue-lashing politicians and myopic bloggers on extreme right?


Source: Abdul-Majeed Azad