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Published:September 16th, 2009 13:35 EST
My Daughter's Good Morning

My Daughter's Good Morning

By Mark Freedman

My daughter has learned to say good morning at nineteen months! Now let me tell you what that sounds like.............. 
It starts with the end of my dream. You know, the dream you have been having for 8 hours but is only 7 minutes long. Well, it`s just coming to an end. The rain forest that I am renovating a space ship in is being attacked by the L.A.P.D and I am still running from my warrants while maintaining a secret relationship in a tree house with the Manson family.

The clock ticks, and my wife kisses me goodbye. I kiss back and fall back into a cozy sleep, deep, deep sleep, R.E.M sleep,..... you know, the slumber kind.. Then, in the back of my head I hear, "DA" DA", "DA" "DA", "MORIN"!!! "MORIN"......Well, of course I am not going to respond to that. Obviously, she has not been paying attention to my spelling lessons after dinner. But, sure enough, I am awakened by the sound of my beautiful little baby making monkey noises, standing up in her crib, weighted down by her own diaper full of cinder-block-solid pee........ So as I find my way into her room, with my eyes still glued shut from the horse tranquilizer, mood stabilizer pill that I take, I grab her out of the crib and lay her on the floor and take off her little diaper that weighs close to five pounds. "HE HE"... "DA DA" "MIWLK MIWLK".. 
There is nothing cuter than your daughter telling you good morning...... Now get ready for work, shower, make your lunch, feed her a banana and watch thirty minutes of shriek while flossing and (watching her try to floss), save her from eating the floss, and last but not least, put her shoes on while she`s climbing into the bathtub and eating Mommy`s lipstick...........Carry her little tiny body all the way to the car and drop her off at day care.............It is now time for round two.........a job that requires me to work. 
The best part of my day is the kiss in the morning from my wife and the sound of my daughter babbling a good morning. Each day is new day to watch my child grow. Taller and taller-- the crib looks smaller. Pretty soon it will be too small, and she will be too tall, and my little baby girl will be all grown up.