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Published:April 17th, 2008 13:22 EST
Media Is The Masses: Have NEWS, Will Travel

Media Is The Masses: Have NEWS, Will Travel

By Sean Stubblefield

NEWS is information, and information is power. The power to relate "relating ideas and relating to each other.

As a social phenomenon, NEWS is the great unifier of people. NEWS connects individuals and societies to each other. NEWS is the social fabric and lifeline between distant or separated communities and individuals, so that they don`t seem as isolated or disconnected from each other. This line of communication is the lifeblood of long distance relationships. News is a kind of metaphysical bridge, a vehicle, a medium transporting us across time and space.

The interconnectivity provided by news makes the difference between an international community and global one. Many nations become one world. News keeps us attached to and immersed in the affairs of the communities we live in or interact with.

What most news Media agencies have clearly forgotten and neglected is that news is the activities and events occurring in people`s lives. News is life, not strife.

It informs people`s lives, in every sense of the word inform ?.

If actions speak louder than words, community news tells members of a community who they are ? through a collective or cumulative representation, and as model of behavior.

Learning what people are doing and what`s done to them is the essence of news. Knowing someone, or things about someone, makes them more familiar, more intimate ? making the sharing of news a learning and bonding experience. It was meant to be personal.

Until about 1990 " when entertainment media rapidly and increasingly began serving as culture, news functioned as the primary source of culture ? linking family and neighbors and cities. We become involved in and vicariously part of other people`s lives through news. When friends are catching up ?, this is the proper spirit and purpose of news.

Royal messengers were vital instruments of communication and intelligence, due to the news they delivered to and from a King or Queen.

The tide of history often hinges on the gravity of news, influencing public opinion and public record. Information provided, withheld or intercepted in the exchange of news has determined the course of history, in the way heads of state proceed and how a population perceives its reality. Indeed, History is written in the mainstream news. It is an account of what happened.

The root word in journalism is journal ? ? observe and record. So the duty of a true journalist is documentation.


In the military, mail-call is a special occasion for soldiers because mail is a tether connecting them to home and the outside world of normal ? reality beyond the military, reminding them that they are not alone or lost from their loved ones.

Correspondence across lands and oceans could define and sustain relationships. Because conveying news was so revered, letter writing became a kind of romantic literature, a craft.

Before the advent of phone and email, the postal service delivering letters was considered very important as people awaited eagerly for word from someone, somewhere far away.

These letters tell of news.


Currently based in Houston Texas, Sean Stubblefield graduated Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Television Production. A philosopher poet, Stubblefield has been writing non-fiction for 15 years, and has penned eight books to date. His first book, Paradox: A Journey Inside Out is available today at

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