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Published:April 24th, 2008 18:27 EST
You are not your culture

You are not your culture

By Sean Stubblefield

Have you ever noticed how "Black" people tend to be obnoxious with a sense of grievous entitlement? I know that sounds "racist", but it`s not. I realize this appears inflammatory, but bear with me, there is a point.

When crossing the street, they typically and inconsiderately meander and mosey along in no hurry to get out of your way. In public places like schools and movie theaters, "Blacks" commonly disturb the peace by being rambunctious, flamboyant and disruptive.

Their behavior demonstrates that they have no civil regard for those around them, and no dignity or self-respect. Many of them believe the "White Man" owes them something, a kind of inherited compensation for indiscretions done against their racial ancestors-- but not against them. Which is as stupid as hating the son just because you hate his father.

Their demeanor is generally rude, crass and uncouth. Their mere presence has a way of degrading and diminishing neighborhoods they live in, because of their derogatory and self-important attitude.

Perhaps as a vestigial remnant of ancestral slavery, they treat the world as a rental.

They seem proud of appearing ignorant or uneducated, and delight in routinely mangling the English language.

But... this characterization isn`t a reflection of race. This is the result of culture, and cultural indoctrination. I`ve known so-called black people who don`t act this way. Indeed, some of them were culturally `White".

I put "Black" in quotes for a reason.

Consider black people raised in Britain, Australia or Africa. They don`t behave the way we associate with black people in America. The difference is in culture. There are black people whose behavior and lifestyle is indistinguishable from white people.

Geeky/nerdy blacks are no different than geeky/nerdy Caucasians, Asians or Indians.

Because they share the same or similar geek/nerd culture.

And yet, when we in America think and speak of "Black` people, we usually automatically assume a stereotype concerning people of "color".

However, being "Black" is a statement or attitude of a particular culture, not a racial classification. There are some "white" people and Hispanics in America who act "Black". So clearly, this isn`t a race matter. Race is often confused for culture.

A black Frenchman may show more class than a "Black" American.

By conforming to the Americanized `Black" standard, they are enacting a self-fulfilling prophecy. They often complain about "White" people and "White" dominated society keeping them down, but they really have no one to blame but themselves. Such criticism is like blaming a coach for not putting you in the game, when you have no skill or experience playing the game, or even know how to play.

When "Blacks" in America chastise "Blacks" for acting "White", what are they really saying? What does it say about them that they consider intelligence and refinement a "White thing" To them, acting "White" means appearing intelligent, educated, civilized. So for "Blacks" to be offended about their "Black" brethren denying their "Black"ness, implies that they celebrate being less sophisticated than "Whites".

(In the movie Fight Club, Tyler Durden fervidly tells us that we are not our khakis or the car we drive. In the same spirit, we are not our culture.)