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Published:June 6th, 2008 08:15 EST
Media Is The Masses: Not My Beautiful Life

Media Is The Masses: Not My Beautiful Life

By Sean Stubblefield

(Part 2 of 2)

Since we inherently transcribe ourselves onto our conceptions, tending to believe whatever we wish or imagine as true because we prefer, assume or expect it, what of religions? What assurance do we have that we aren`t just deluded or deceived?

What if we have, here, some failure to communicate or comprehend?

How do you convince a devout Christian that her God is a hoax? Her bible a fraud?

Learning that some aspect of your life has been experienced as if metaphorically walking on the ceiling. Or worse, not only part of your reality revealed as unreal or falsified or invalid... but ALL of it?! A realization of that magnitude would be more devastating, disturbing and disruptive than finding out that there is no Santa Claus, that your religion is a lie or a mistake, that a loved one is not who or what you believed, that years of service to a cause was meaningless and ultimately for nothing. What a fool you`ve been! How could you have been so wrong?!

Imagine the frustrating disorientation, the immense insecurity, the conceptual disarray, the paranoid confusion, the skeptical horror that must accompany a revelation or epiphany that your perception or conception of the real world is, in some way, incredibly wrong.

To see and/or hear things that no one else does. To so profoundly doubt the information of your senses; for your senses or observations to be so divergent from the majority (or the totality). To distrust the existence of what you see and hear--- or think you see and hear. To not be able to claim with any degree of certainty that you can individually determine or distinguish for sure what is real and what isn`t.

How could you trust anyone or anything ever again?

Are you a blind man gaining sight, or a seeing man going blind? In such a conceptual world, is A really A? Is this a pipe, or just a picture of one?

Are you the butterfly dreaming, or the man?

If one thing that seemed so real to you turned out to be not real, what else isn`t really there or isn`t actually true? Or isn`t what you thought it was?

You would have to approach all things with skeptical paranoia... tentatively and warily.

Maybe with a degree of disappointment, depression and disgust?

Is it a worse condition to be the only one, or are among the few, who thinks or does the eccentric, which everyone else refuses for fear of being crazy... or not normal?

What recourse would you have but simply agree to disagree-- or stoically and staunchly reject conciliation and consensus? Operate surreptitiously or clandestinely?

Be declared insane in the court of public opinion by those who can`t understand, for being the exception to the status quo-- in defiance of that status quo?



Currently based in Houston Texas, Sean Stubblefield graduated Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Television Production. A philosopher poet, Stubblefield has been writing non-fiction for 15 years, and has penned eight books to date. His first book, Paradox: A Journey Inside Out is available today at

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