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Published:June 13th, 2008 08:57 EST
Media Is The Masses: All Along The Watchtower

Media Is The Masses: All Along The Watchtower

By Sean Stubblefield

I don`t like "The News", which is partly why I signed on to The Student Operated Press. Wait, let me clarify that. The reasons I don`t like "The News" is that it tends to be superficial, negative and irrelevant. Presenting what amounts to cursory blurbs and sound bites, it doesn`t usually tell us anything meaningful or interesting. And when I say "The News", I refer to the mainstreams news media, or any news agency in any medium that is complicit in cranking out assembly line frivolity.

As it is now and has been for much too long, mainstream News is too scripted, formulaic and standardized to allow for thinking and acting freely. They can`t or won`t explore a story or point that merits elaboration, as they move onto the next item on their prepared list, and accommodate superfluous commercialization. Ultimately, this kind of "news" exists only to fill space: ad space, page space, screen space, time space and head space.

It is designed not to bring you news, but to entertain... keeping real and legitimate news away from you.

We all know this; I`m not saying anything new or revolutionary here. And yet we "as a society "seem to accept it rather cavalierly, as a given-- as if we are powerless to oppose and dispose of it.

They serve not the public interest, but shareholder profits. Mainstream News providers have betrayed their sacred duty, and the public trust.

Because it isn`t about reporting the news, it is about producing a TV show or publishing a paper/ magazine. These days, they lack the courage, initiative and integrity to be taboo and challenge the status quo or the official story ?. They actively refrain from saying anything of substance, anything daring, unique or controversial. The so-called "news" is commonly wasted on crime and accident reports, human-interest, celebrity fluff, sensationalism, talking heads, press releases, political and corporate propaganda.

This isn`t news. This isn`t even proper journalism-- this is filler material.

As purveyors and surveyors of the news, it is their innate responsibility to provide-- or attempt to provide-- context... to connect the dots, make sense of the information.

Even including logical and probable speculation of the available facts to propose tentative "conclusions" and implications.

We need independent news organizations that don`t merely report news or parrot news from other sources, and who aren`t beholden to and invalidated by some political party line or corporate mandate. We need news sources that are also capable of being spontaneous and organic, to run with a new point exposed.

I believe that in order to be most effective, news media agencies need to balance objectivity with editorializing. They can`t just report the news, they must be willing and able to question and evaluate that news when it warrants examination and explanation. They should help audiences comprehend.

Despite what corporations and governments may assume, the news does not belong to them, it belongs to everyone and no one.

The mainstream news deserves boycott; expect and demand better.

Currently based in Houston Texas, Sean Stubblefield graduated Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Television Production. A philosopher poet, Stubblefield has been writing non-fiction for 15 years, and has penned eight books to date. His first book, Paradox: A Journey Inside Out is available today at

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