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Published:October 18th, 2006 09:17 EST
8th Iraqi Army Division Participated in a Special Operations Training Organized by MND CS

8th Iraqi Army Division Participated in a Special Operations Training Organized by MND CS

By SOP newswire

Soldiers of the 8th Iraqi Army Division participated in a special operations training organized by MND CS experts. The course was devoted to cordon and search actions. Iraqi soldiers gain a possibility to enter any kind of facility and fulfill their task with minimized own loses. MND CS instructors divided the course into two parts.

They began with some theory considering operation planning, proper secure of the action area and dividing task within the unit. The last part of the theory was devoted to task description of every participating in action soldier. Afterwards the real life exercise began. Iraqi soldiers together with instructors gathered in a training facility of 8th IAD main base. “This is a labyrinth full of hidden rooms and fake targets” – explained one of the MND CS experts.

To assess the current training level of Iraqi troops a group of soldiers was chosen, given a mission and ordered to fulfill it the best way they can. “We need to know their current status to adopt the best program” – said one of the instructors. Afterwards the main part of the exercise began. Iraqi soldiers divided in three groups entered the training facility one by one. First with the help of instructor who guided them fixed all mistakes and then they did it on their own.

They entered each room and checked all corridors. Their task was to find every single person inside the facility. The terrorists had to be eliminated and the prisoners released. The operating unit was observed by the rest of the soldiers. The next turn of entering the building was with live firing added. The safety conditions had to be very strict. Inside the facility gathered only instructors and operating unit. This time there was no place for audience. Three groups one after the other entered the facility in which seven terrorists targets were placed. Every unit fulfilled their tasks with 100% effectiveness.

“These are very smart soldiers. They learned all this in such a short time” – admitted one of the instructors – “I’m glad that it wasn’t the last time we got a possibility to train them here in Ad Diwaniyah” – he added. The purpose of this course was to increase operational capabilities of best soldiers from 8th IAD to a higher level. After this course Iraqi soldiers are prepared to conduct cordon & search operations with a high level of effectiveness.

This unit reached the level of one of the best not only in the 8th IAD, but also among other tactical units in the whole Iraq.

Source: DoS