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Published:November 2nd, 2006 02:35 EST
Iraqi Army Captures Bomb Makers; New Security Station Opens in Ramadi

Iraqi Army Captures Bomb Makers; New Security Station Opens in Ramadi

By SOP newswire

BAGHDAD " Iraqi Police and Soldiers captured members of a bomb-making cell and several weapons caches over the weekend.

A Special Iraqi Police Force with Coalition advisors captured nine members of a bomb-making cell and a cache of weapons, Improvised Explosive Devices and components for making IEDs in Kut, Oct. 29. Iraqi Police secured and searched multiple objectives and detained the bomb maker and other cell members without incident.

The IED cell is responsible for attacks against Iraqi civilians employed by Coalition Forces. They are also suspected ofconstructing and placing IEDs in and around Kut.

A mortar system, assault rifles, full ammunition magazines, grenades, a completed IED and components for building other IEDs were found and secured during the raid. Operations on the objective caused minimal damage.

making Elsewhere, a Special Iraqi Army force with Coalition advisors captured a large weapons cache and components used for Improvised Explosive Devices in Western Baghdad.

The Iraqi Force established a cordon around the Shansal Mosque and entered to search for IED components and weapons believed to be stored there. Insurgents operating against Iraqi civilians and Iraqi Army Soldiers in the Jihaddistrict were using the items found. The weapons and IED components were turned over to coalition forces and an explosive ordnance team for security and disposal. Three suspected insurgents with false identification cards were detained.

Only minor damage to the mosque was reported. There were no casualties among Iraqi civilians, the Iraqi Force or the Coalition Force.

In other news from Iraq, Multi-National Force-West established a central Ramadi security station Oct. 27 as part of its continued operations to eliminate insurgents there.

The establishment of the security station will increase security for the citizens, officials said. More than eight newpositions in the city have been established since June. The central Ramadi security station is near a recent demonstration by insurgents claiming the establishment of an Islamic Republic. As part of recent operations, several insurgents were either killed or wounded this weekend near this location. There were no reports of civilian or coalition casualties.

(Compiled from Multi-National Corps-Iraq news releases.)