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Published:November 2nd, 2006 11:10 EST
Land mines transiting near Iraq-Iran border

Land mines transiting near Iraq-Iran border

By SOP newswire

TIKRIT, Iraq – While on routine patrol in eastern Diyala Province, five kilometers from the Iraq-Iran border, Iraqi security forces intercepted six heavily loaded donkeys.

Upon investigation, the patrol discovered six donkeys carrying 53 anti-tank landmines and one anti-tank projectile.

Two men in the area fled and evaded capture.  The donkeys were later released unharmed into the local area. 

A coalition forces explosive ordnance disposal team was called in and transported all munitions to a safe area and disposed of them by detonation. 

“This action by an alert Iraqi border patrol prevented dozens of very lethal munitions from being employed by terrorists,” said Col. Gary Patton, Task Force Lightning chief of staff.

The mines were found in good condition and determined to be Soviet (TM 62) and Italian (IT VS 2.2) made models. One of the mines was pre-rigged to be used as an IED.

Units from Task Force Lightning, together with 5th Iraqi Army Division, Iraqi Police and Iraqi Border Patrol units are responsible for security in Diyala Province.