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Published:November 13th, 2006 03:08 EST
In the Trenches with Our Troops

In the Trenches with Our Troops

By SOP newswire

You know that FBI agents, intel analysts, and bomb techs work 24/7 within our nation’s borders to prevent terrorist attacks. But what you may not know is this: we do the same overseas, working right alongside American military forces in war zones around the globe. 

It’s all part of our post 9/11 mission to use the full sweep of our investigative and intelligence capabilities to prevent terrorist attacks, wherever U.S. citizens or interests are threatened. 

In a Veterans Day speech in the Virginia suburbs on Saturday, Dr. Louis Blazy—one of our top information technology execs and a veteran himself—described this new world where we work shoulder-to-shoulder with military personnel on the front lines to fight terror. 

“The FBI is in the trenches in Afghanistan and Iraq, ducking gunfire, securing villages, analyzing improvised explosive devices, helping wounded soldiers, and dismantling terrorist groups,” he said in prepared remarks. 

Our primary form of support comes in the form of intelligence. Dr. Blazy—who’s responsible for operating a global information technology infrastructure in the FBI to support our counterterrorism, intelligence, and crime-fighting missions—explained why.

“[A] terrorist safe house in Afghanistan might contain documents that discuss a potential terrorist operation that targets U.S. citizens or interests worldwide. It might contain latent fingerprints, incriminating photos or electronic media, or other suspicious items. One tiny scrap of evidence—a fingerprint, a fuse, a computer disk, a cell phone—could be the key to preventing another terrorist attack,” he said. 

“As the veterans here can attest, in the midst of a sensitive military operation, you don’t always have the luxury of time. … Once our soldiers kick in the door of that safe house, they need to gather information and process evidence quickly. That is why it is so valuable to have FBI personnel working alongside them.” 

Dr. Blazy—who comes from a military family and has a son currently serving as a fighter pilot in the U.S. Navy—also praised the more than 48 million American veterans past and present. “We [here today] honor every man and woman who has guarded a post, led a mission, or tended a wounded soldier. We honor every private and pilot, every airman and ensign, every sergeant and Seal.” 

And so do all of us in the FBI. We’re proud to have so many veterans and reservists as part of our family…and to support our extended family in the armed forces every day.

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