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Published:November 15th, 2006 02:48 EST
CCCI convicts 13 insurgents

CCCI convicts 13 insurgents

By SOP newswire

One sentenced to 42 years imprisonment, three sentenced to 30 years imprisonment BAGHDAD, Iraq " The Central Criminal Court of Iraq convicted 13 security detainees from November 2 to 9, for various crimes including possession of illegal weapons, possessing false civil affair identifications, failure to renew resident identification and illegal border crossing.

The trial court found four Iraqi men guilty of possession of illegal special weapons and for using and forging fake identification. Multi-National Force " Iraq personnel searched two vehicles after observing the defendants throw a pistol out of one of the vehicle`s window.  The search of both vehicles revealed 35 82mm mortar rounds, eight 122mm artillery rounds and one 12.7mm machine gun. The defendants were found in violation of Section 6, Paragraph 2B as well as Article 298 and Article 292 of the Iraqi Penal Code.  On November 7, the trial panel sentenced one man to 42 years imprisonment and sentenced the other three men to 30 years imprisonment. 

The trial court found three Iraqi men guilty of possession of illegal special weapons, in violation of section 6, Paragraph 2B of the Iraqi Penal Code. The defendants surrendered to MNF after the defendants fled a targeted house, engaged MNF-I personnel in a firefight, and were found with one PKC machine gun, three RPG launchers, five AK-47s, and five hand grenades. On November 8, the trial panel sentenced the three men to 15 years imprisonment.

There were six men convicted of passport violations, forging official documents, possession of illegal weapons, and entering the country illegally.  The sentences ranged from between six months to 10 years imprisonment. Those convicted include three Iraqis, two Saudi Arabians, and one from Egypt.

Since its establishment in April 2004, the Central Criminal Court has held 1,697 trials for Coalition-apprehended insurgents. The proceedings have resulted in 1,460 convictions with sentences ranging up to death.