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Published:November 18th, 2006 10:06 EST
New Iraqi commander implements change, creates safer environment

New Iraqi commander implements change, creates safer environment

By SOP newswire

FERRIS — What a difference one determined Iraqi can make.

The Police Transition Team under Regimental Combat Team 5 introduced Ferris to their newest commander, and immediately the new leader began whipping the station into shape.

Iraqi troops await orders. Official Department of Defense photo.

“He’s a fresh face for the station,” said Army 2nd Lt. Jill M. Glasenapp, PTT platoon leader, from Mauston, Wis. “He’s prepared to be the rock that holds this station up.”

Within the first half hour of his arrival, the commander was already pushing his team. 

“We had a mortar attack as soon as we arrived,” Glasenapp said. “He immediately posted security around the station.”

The commander also immediately began issuing uniforms, weapons and a hefty paycheck to each member of his team. 

“He even began rewriting the stations Standard Operating Procedures,” Glasenapp added.

“The new lieutenant is definitely taking over smoothly and quickly,” said Cpl. Steven A. Dickson, an amphibious assault vehicle driver and security team member from Bakersfield, Calif. “You can see the IP’s are listening to him and following his orders. He’s really putting them in gear to work.”

The new commander is the fifth this year at the Iraqi Police station.

“We’ve had problems with the last four,” explained Army Staff Sgt. Brian S. Leslie, PTT team chief from Crystal River, Fla. “The first commander was shot, the following three ran off to Syria with money and supplies.”

The new commander was selected by Iraqi Police District Headquarters in Fallujah after being recommended by the executive officer, Leslie said.

“He was identified as a strong leader,” Glasenapp said. “Plus he lives in the area, so he was an obvious choice to command the station.”

If something happens at the station, the new commander is always available to help out, Glasenapp added.

“He’s responsible for everything that happens in the station,” she said. “He oversees all their missions and investigations.  He has the last word and is always on call.”

Iraqi Police Station Ferris is expected to be increasingly productive with their new commander in charge.  The policemen are eager to please their new commander and are working hard to do it.

“They see him as a hero since he brought discipline, order, and most importantly, paychecks,” Glasenapp said. “Hopefully he’ll be here for a long time, and we’ll always see great things from his leadership.”